Chanel's Supermarket Fashion Show

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  1. Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into a supermarket runway for Chanel's Fall-Winter 2014 fashion show. What do you ladies and gents think?
    (Please feel free to delete this thread if a similar one has been posted)
  2. Honestly, I thought it was silly (in a bad way), but I have to look at more pics...but if I have to convince myself to think it's cute or cool, then it's not cute or cool. :/
  3. Not a fan :smile:
  4. I think it's brilliant and Karl is so creative to turn something mundane like grocery shopping into a high fashion experience! To me, it's outlandish, whimsical, humorous, fresh, and fun! So different from a typical fashion show and only Chanel can pull off something crazy like this! I'm also very excited that it's still so colorful! It would be great if some of these colors will get translated into the reissues since ss act 2 is all about the classic flaps! That would be my dream come true!
  5. The tweed coats - oh my!
  6. The tweed jackets are tdf! And I agree with poohbag I loved the grocery store concept, who would've thought eh. Next time I'm at the grocery store I'm going to strut my stuff down the aisle lol just kidding. The chanel inspired grocery products were pretty cool too

  7. YES! The tweed jackets are TDF!
  8. I love it as a runway theme, very fun and Karl's way to connect to the everyday Chanel consumers. :biggrin:
  9. It's fun. The flaps wrapped as meat cracked me up.
  10. I actually thought it was very well done and quite tongue in cheek of Karl to suggest there are some people that buy Chanel as easily as we buy groceries. ;) The whimsy and ability to not take itself so seriously is one of the reasons I love Chanel, I don't think there are many other brands that could pull that sort of show off.

    The bags are not wowing me, but the jackets and clothing...beautiful!
  11. I love the colors!
  12. I liked the concept, I loved the hair and make up, I loved the outfits, hated the lace up sneakers.
  13. Loved it. After all many of us regular ladies tote our Chanel's to the market, and at times when your dressed in a great outfit those isles are our runways.....
  14. I was definitely not a fan! It just looks cheap imo, I didn't even like one thing coming down the runway...ewww