Chanels Rouge Noir vs Vamp


Sep 5, 2006
Ok, I've read somewhere in this forum that supposedly it's the same color, just different name. Can anyone verify this. If not can somebody who has both colors to post pictures of the difference in color. I'm really interested in buying, but wanted to see the pictures. thanks if anybody can help


The Newbie?
Aug 13, 2007
Nope, the real Vamp dates back to the 90's, but then it got discontinued. It has been renamed as rouge noir and can be found in canada, europe, australia, etc...

The "new vamp" can be found all over the US and looks nothing like rouge noir.

Rouge noir is a deep black/red creme. Vamp, on the other hand, is just a dark red/purply-ish shimmery color and is not dark like rouge noir.

I actually found a pic of my rouge noir mani:
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