Chanels on Bluefly

  1. Lots of new Chanel items (including handbags and shoes) at Bluefly this morning. Check it out...they probably will go very quickly.
  2. I posted some pics in the Chanel forum. GREAT bags!
  3. Where do ya think all of the bags come from? particularly Chanel..
  4. a lot of cute handbags! i'm looking at them now...
  5. Old stock and very old stock from department stores that sell Chanel
    and perhaps the boutiques themselves.
    Bluefly also inflates their retail prices :evil:
    so their discount prices are very high.
  6. Hello! I am looking for a good site to purchase a Chanel bag or a Chloe bag. Do you know any other sites besides Neiman, Saks and Bluefly? I have seen a couple but the price is really cheap. Like for a new Chanel's around $700. I am concerned that I will get a fakie instead of a real one. Thanks!
  7. I saw that last night too, but nothing I wanted to buy. All the flap bags were too small :lol:
  8. those prices are very steep!
  9. Chanel handbags usually are only sold online at Bluefly, and at stores like the Chanel boutiques, Saks, and Neiman Marcus.

    Most onlines are fake.. if a new bag is too good to be true for that price, it's probably fake =( I bought a fake Chanel on, and I was so angry. I promptly returned it and it took a whlie to get my refund back. Never again! I'd pay full price for the Chanels =D