chanels now get votes from youngster more?

  1. i don't know in states or other country, but i've been seeing the trend in mine...

    years ago, i almost never spotted women in their 20s or younger wearing chanels.
    now, i've seen them wore more by the girl in their teens as young as 16 going to the mall with their mom wearing chanels as their moms mostly wearing LV or Gucci.

    no, they don't wear the newest trends like the cabas, modern chain , rock n chain on any seasonal one.
    but they're wearing the small classic sling chanels like spotted on magz like teen vogue, some seen as vintage as from the 90s or even 80s.
    they look chic, but not snob in a way.

    so, did u see this syndrome in ur place?
  2. I see high school girls wearing fake Cambons very often here. . . so obviously that age group is interested.
    Also, people may not realize it, but we have a VERY large population of 13-18 yr olds posting in here regularly:yes:
  3. well, let's say we're talking bout the real one.

    because in my country, the social class difference is quite obvious.
    even we have malls for the middle class and upper which sells high end designers like LV, BV, Prada etc only.
    and i was talking about the people there.

    i've seen a change toward the people using chanels now in that area.
  4. Sorry, I live in Hickville USA also and all I've ever seen are the fake cambons like Swanky.
  5. Yes, I've noticed just in the past six months or so that there seems to be a lot of younger posters here in the Chanel subforum.
  6. I see a big mix. The school district I work in I see LOTS of fake cambons, and fakes period, on teenagers. But I live in an area on the Jersey Shore where money is prevelant and I see 16 year olds wearing ALL sorts of authentic Chanel, Gucci, and LV. Sometimes it appears a little ridiculous. For example, this morning I went to brunch with my Dad and saw a 15 year old wearing tattered jeans, vans, a high school sweatshirt, and from her arm was hanging a BEAUTIFUL (AND authentic) Fendi Spy Bag!! My intital reaction in my head was "that must be her Mother or older sister's bag." haha, I guess I can't even BEGIN to relate 'cause when I was 16 having LV, Chanel, Fendi, etc. was COMPLETELY nonexistent.
  7. I have also seen tons of phony cambon being carried by younger girls, and women in their 20's. Also see a lot of fake reporter bags. They look horrible, all wonky and such.
  8. What I see on the "youngster crowd" is either fake LV, the fake Cambon, Vera Bradley or the cutsey Dooney bags. A few years ago, every high-school chicky had a kate spade (real or fake). Now, I don't see them unless it's a diaper bag.

    Though we live in a pretty wealthy part of MD, I've posted in the past that most SAHM's carry Coach or Dooney. Usually I see a LV and the rare CHANEL on a beautifully dressed business woman or by doctors/lawyers that I know. However, the youngster crowd DO drive BMW's, Jags and Mercedes so perhaps a purse isn't that big a deal to them. And no, these aren't mommy or daddy's cars they're driving; it belongs to THEM. The joke here is "you can always tell which lot belongs to the teachers; just look for all the old and/or non luxury cars. The expensive ones ALWAYS belong to the students". It's true, they do.
  9. LOL that's so true on the school parts LOL
    there's this most expensive school here that parents are giving gucci bags to the teacher as gift when their child graduates...
  10. well here in NY I see soooooo many fake bags period...and in China town...where you can buy have a choice of cheap fake...and expensive fake...the differences fake is made of plastic, put together quickly, and fall apart easily...those usually cost around 60 dollars...then they have expensive fakes...which look identical to the real...even made with real leather...and those will run you around 300 and up...and I noticed people around here...people buy the expensive fakes...most people mistake them as real..they really look and smell real...serial numbers and all...*you'd be surprised*!!!
  11. its really sad and makes me super upset when i see kids my age (im 19) wear fake designer bags. i see them all the time in SF and sometimes it makes me mad because i save up my money to get the real thing and ppl with fakes are saying theirs are authentic. i dont understand how some people can buy lots of fake designer bags. i dont own many bags but i can say the ones i have are all authentic and i love them to death.
  12. I think alot of ppl who is below the age of 18 are buying fakes and they are so into buying fakes that are either made in Germany or China. I met someone on the bus and she ask me if my Chanel bag are real or not!! Then, I didnt answer her ...then she told me that her LV is fake she bought it at this store...and bla bla bla...and its the tripple AAAAA quality ..seriously by looking at it I couldnt tell! Its realli well made...she said she never bought a real one...but she spend $5000CAD on buying 15 top designer I guess right now~~fake are being manufactured by the quality. And, many youngster doesnt care if they are carrying a fake one or not! All they care is the logo!!
  13. what? 300$ for fake? she could really save up a little more and get a used authentic on eBay!

    and i don't know there are fake made in germany :wtf:
  14. humdedum..................I like Chanel......and LV,and Prada, and alot of other designer brands also.....I have mostly LV, and I :heart: it! There are like 3 other girls in my grade that have Coach, and I and another girl only have LV.......I am 12, and I think now designer brands are pushing towards younger folks, like mwah.........IMO