Chanel's new LA store

  1. I got this info from frillr on Sun, 2007-06-10 18:55.

    Chanel will unveil its 14,700-square-foot, Peter Marino-redesigned flagship at 400 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in August reports WWD.
    Five specially commissioned art works will be scattered around the shop, including a Johan Cretan porcelain torso with camellia flourishes and a François-Xavier Lalanne bronze sculpture of a stag, inspired by a piece that belonged to Coco Chanel. Peter Dayton, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Paola Pivi round out the house's artistic stable. Furniture designers Patrick Fredrikson and Ian Stallard also created a piece. Architect Marino modeled the store's façade after a Chanel No.5 perfume box, carving out two separate entrances for the contiguous fashion and fine jewelry outposts. Marino's other standout design flourish promises to be the rooftop terrace's facade, where thousands of tone-on-tone LED-lit double-C Chanel logos will shine.

  2. My SA told me also that the Chanel boutique in Saks at Scottsdale, AZ is redoing the look & it's like something the first in US. It'll be grand opening in November 2007.
  3. Ohh thats pretty, it looks like a huge gift box.
  4. will it replace the current locale?

  5. I know! I can hardly wait! Time to start saving now!
  6. They are in a temporary location right now I had to send my bag there to be repaired so I guess they are working on the new place right now at the old location
  7. Yup, they're at a temp address now 240 North Rodeo Drive so that the old 400 North Rodeo Drive can be work on with the new look. I can hardly wait.
  8. wow, that is gorgeous! love the design!
  9. I bet it will be beautiful
  10. Wow! Sounds great, I can hardly wait...haha I live in do Imiss out on these things? What would I do without the tPF
  11. uh oh............danger...May Day! May Day! i will be in LA midAugust and now plan to go directly from airport to Chanel, whether its open yet or not
  12. OOh, looks lovely.
  13. Looking forward to it. =)
  14. Can't wait to go check it out