Chanels in stock at the Neimans - Boca

  1. Claudia and I were at both Neimans and Saks, checking out the latest today (1.26.07). As best I can recall, the following were in stock in Neimans:

    Brown jumbo lambskin
    Medium blue patent with two comparments
    Purple jumbo lambskin
    Blue fonce medium caviar (classic)
    Blue fonce medium lambkin
    I know a Blue fonce jumbo caviar (classic) is also on its way, because
    it was being sent for either Claudia or me, but they found me a jumbo
    patent blush, which I can't wait to pick up tomorrow
    Black patent 2.55 reissue
    Black mini classic

    I am sure that Claudia can add to the list. Our SA at NS, Melissa, indicated that the in-stock items would not be subject to the price increase. Her number is 561.417.5151.

    FYI, the trunk show at the Boca Raton Neimans will be February 8 and 9.
  2. Wow thanks for that. It's so tempting, knowing about the impending price increase, to order one of these.
  3. ^^^Go for it girl !!!:yahoo:
  4. Gina, you are NOT helping.:lol: You know I have been VERY bad lately.:p
  5. I KNOW you have...but I want you to be VERY VERY bad:roflmfao: