Chanels for everyday use?

  1. I'm wondering how many people use their Chanels for everyday use and how they've held up?

    With all these posts/threads I've read in the past regarding quality control issues and shoddy craftsmanship, you'd think we'd learn our lesson and stop buying these bags. But there has just GOT to be good quality chanel bags made too!

    So I'd like to know how many people have had noooo problems with their "non-vintage" bags!!:p
  2. I pretty much carry Chanels; although I do have a few Pucci bags for summer. All but one of the Chanels are lambskin. One is an e/w that I've not had a problem yet. I own a yellow "hotdog" bag that is from the material of used in the travel ligne. It's from a few years back;it's holding up well. The white caviar classic that I just bought from Saks came with a twisted link that cut into the leather strap. I returned it!!
  3. I've used all mine regularly and haven't had quality control issues.
    I only have a few, but carry them often:
    Vintage Ligne Tote, Cotton Club Tote and Luxury Flap.
  4. I've had about 20 Chanel's over the past few years (some have been eBay'd though). I've only had one problem that was their fault. My classic lambskin had the leather inside the chain strap come apart.
    I don't carry anything but Chanel now, so I use all of my bags alot.
  5. I use a chanel bag everyday and have had but one problem and that was with a light colored bag.
    NM shipped it to chanel and they fixed it and thats that- i had problems with the medallion falling off. they sent me the bag with a new medallion and put the old one in the inside of the pocket- for me to have. I use it as my keychain..
  6. i'm using my cabas regularly, but only use my jumbo flap once in a while, kinda feel it too fancy for everyday use :p
  7. i think coco cabas & luxury bowler would be great for every day use :smile:
  8. I used a petite shopper almost everyday for three years and it held up great... well, until the end. But I was VERY rough with it, never took care of it, threw it around and it still held up that long! The caviar bags are SO durable. They're wonderful. Now I use my caviar GST everyday.
  9. Alouette, I plan on using both my bags as every day bags. Except my jumbo classic flap won't be used much in summer especially during the day... too dressy looking (I agree with seahorseinstrips on that). I used my Prada bag every day for three years and never had a problem so am hoping Chanel is even better. Everyone, let's meet here in three years to compare notes! hehehehehehee
  10. I have the PST for 3 years and use it frequently! No problems so far!

  11. Yay for Chanel!! I'm so glad there are people out there who have not had any problems or at least minor problems with their bags!

    IntlSet - What was the final nail in the coffin for your PST? :crybaby:

    rosehair - Sounds like a plan! I'll be back on this same thread 3 years from now. Marked on my calendar ;)

    Minette - Your pink PST is gorg!! Do you baby it or put it through the ringer?
  12. I think Chanel bags are high-quality handbags (although I have heard their worksmanship has gone down in recent years). Last semester, I used my cambon as my school tote, and it held out perfectly, notebooks and books and all! :biggrin:
  13. Well that's encouraging news...seems like it was up for the challenge :p
  14. I use my reissue in 227 a lot and it's still perfect and my classic flap in lambskin isn't used that often but I can't see any flaws to it so I'm hopefull...
  15. we'll see ^^