Chanel's "Black Satin" nail polish VS any others...?

  1. I just bought some black by OPI and I don't really like it on me... I mean is the Black Satin by Chanel any different? Are there really undertones of other colors or does it just look freaky?

    edit-- sorry this is entirely in the wrong forum, I meant to put it in the makeup one but I went browsing back here to the Wardrobe! ...
  2. I don't think Chanel's really any different. Plus, I've heard that Chanel chips quite easily. Perhaps you're just not used to how dark and harsh the color is? That's how it was for me anyway. I recently bought a bottle of Essie in Lady Godiva, which is a DARK brown. If you put 3 coats almost looks black, but it doesn't quite have that gothic feel. Anyway, the color's beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time and the best part is it doesn't chip!!
  3. You just have to get used to wearing black. At first, I felt like a goth chick, but now I wear nothing else.
  4. I'm wearing the Chanel Satin right now and frequently get compliments.

    I'm so stuck on Vamp so I guess I'm probably just use to wearing darker colors.

  5. ^ I agree..I felt gothic the first time I wore black nail polish and my friends even asked me if I turned gothic. meanies. Anyway, a way to avoid this is to keep your nails as short as possible when wearing darker colors.

    BTW, I LOVE the color of perfect for Fall
  6. Thanks so much you guys, these comments were REALLY helpful! I do feel like I look gothic... I hope nobody asks me if I'm wearing black nail polish for Halloween or I'll just snap! haha.
    It looks sooo good though on other people... it's absolutely crazy. I like it but not on me yet.
  7. I love it.

    I actually found that Chanel stays on quite well for me. I can wear the same polish for 2 weeks. I only change because of nail growth. The only polishes I truly hate (for chipping) are Wet & Wild (do they still make that?!) and OPI.
  8. I have the opi and the chanel and I think that the color is the same -seriously- the opi actually stays on better. On me anyway. I love vamp too! That's on my toes right now!
  9. I did the black polish around this time last year... I felt SO gothic and the ladies at the salon looked at me like I was crazy. But it was fun while it lasted. I haven't done it again since - but I liked being on the edge for a week.

    I even started a facebook group because of it:

    I Wear Black Nail Polish Because I'm HAUTE - Not Because I'm Angry

    I meant for it to be a joke between a few friends but then the list grew to over 200! So you aren't alone! Someone out there will appreciate your chic-ness!!

    And Adore - email me - I have an opporunity you may be interested in.

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  10. I agree. You might just not be used at wearing the darker colors. I wore black varnish all though jr high 'cause I was into the whole goth thing, but I still luff it!!
  11. I LOVE black nail polish. And I'm the farthest thing from goth. I think these days, with the right outfit and accessories, it comes off really elegant and sophisticated!

    My black polish was 99 cents LOL. And it works great, so don't let the brand names "fool" you.
  12. So I wasn't sure about the black nail polish. This older man complimented me on it yesterday which I was so surprised! And I told him, I wasn't sure how I felt about it... but he was like it looks really nice, it goes well with you. I thought it was so cool of him to say!! I asked this girl yesterday who I usually sit next to in one of my evening classes what she thought and she was like "I noticed that, I was surprised to see you with black because it's a different color for you but I love it!" as I always wear white (not pure white but pale white) and pinks.

    I do like it... but I already need to re-paint. I kind of want to try other dark colors now; I'm totally in the mood because it's fall. I like that shade Vamp by Chanel, but I've had the problems of early chipping so I am sticking to OPI for a while. OPI still chips but it does last longer for me.

    Anyone know an OPI shade that is similar to Vamp? I don't own it and it's hard to figure out which one is closest but I wanted to try it!
  13. Oh wow! That's an awesome website, I'm checking it out right now! I'm beginning to really get into all the different nail polish colors and that website is perfect for me to browse through right now. Thanks for telling me about it!
  14. You might try OPI Lincoln Park in the Dark too...