Chanel's are bad for me!

  1. I live in Southern CA and there's firestorms going on right now. Many roads around my house are closing and evacuation may be soon. Guess what I worry the most? That FedEx won't be able to deliver my Chanels! How sad is that? Last night while packing it hit me, beside the usual important papers and HD of pictures and jewelry. All I packed are handbags :nogood:.
  2. awWww thats super unfortunate that you can only take what you need, but you know what, if that happened, i would have packed mostly my handbags too!!! (hey! you can pack stuff IN the handbags!!!) So i'm guessing you live near malibu, because i'm really close to that area, but fortunately i do not have to evacuate, but i thought about what i would bring if i had to!!! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!!! Your chanels will find a way to find you!
  3. I live in Los Angeles but luckily I am not around any of the fires. But I thought about what I would pack and the first thing that came to my mind was allll my expensive purses!!! :smile: I could never leave them behind!!!
  4. Thanks lilwick!! Glad to know someone beside me would care about handbags in a situation like this. I did pack my kids clothings in the handbags. No, I live in OC in the North Park/North Wood area of Irvine. The fire is still far away but the smoke is intense around here.
  5. one thing! keep those precious bags away from the smoke!!!! :heart: do that for me! =]
  6. Of course, I would have packed the Chanel handbags as well!!!
    Besides of jeweleries, laptops, passports, etc. I think my Chanel bags come second in values. :wlae: Thus, it won't make sense if you don't pack them with you.