Chanels and Prices

  1. I don't mean to sound rude or anything or cheap i guess but i was just wondering what is the least expensive chanel and what bag is it and the price. Pics would be great. Just really want a chanel and i have a students budget! Thanks
  2. The e/w flap is still "only" $1395. I love that bag. It's so cute!
  3. the PST is one of the more attainable Chanels as well as the E/W

    both are super cute and great for any Chanel Collection!
  4. are so not rude or cheap!
    yes....the E/W flap is $1395 and is a smaller bag. Can be used for daytime (but not if you carry alot of stuff in your bags, and also great for evening.
    The PST "petite shopping tote", is $1250 and is a nice medium size tote. Great buy for the money. The prices are supposed to increase within the next month, so if you are definitely considering it, you should get it before the increase.
  5. Or a GST is still $1895...a little more $$$ but a lot of room. Comeis in black as well as a dark brown and I think a wine color.
    both wh be.JPG
  6. thank you guys so much
  7. How much can fit in the PST and what colors do they come in?
  8. There have been quite a few threads like this lately. I'll post the same response I posted in the other threads. :biggrin:

    Cotton club pochette:
    Courtesy of Chanel Reference Library

    is around $795 I believe? Perhaps $895 with the price increase.
  9. [​IMG]
    Courtesy of Chanel Ref Library

    $895 Timeless Clutch in Black Caviar
    also comes in white, purple, and red (not sure what else)
    Lambskin leather is more expensive.
  10. [​IMG]

    Beige, white, black, and pink are the colors I can see so far. Not sure about red.

    You can also choose between gold or silver hardware.
  11. ooh, that beige looks so pretty...thanks for the info...
  12. ^Yeah. Those three are about as cheap as bags get in Chanel. The re-issues and flaps are about $2,500 and up (to my knowledge, I don't have any).

    GST is a little over $2,000 with sales tax. Sharpey is close to/above $3,000. lol. Love those Chanel price increases. [/sarcasm]
  13. how much is the denim coco cabas and are those still sold in stores?
  14. The PST is a great purse. I have it in back with gold hardware. It is very classic and to me is a great value for it price. It is just lucious in brown.
  15. Love this thread cos am also thinking of getting my first chanel probably next week.Missisa07 you're really helpful. Any idea how much the Jumbo flap in caviar cost and is it still possible to get the Luxe bowler??