Chaneloholics....whats this?

  1. Can anyone name this bag with a style reference number or let me know if it comes in other colours...pictured in Vogues May edition...
  2. Peoplessssssssss?
  3. you're sure it's a Chanel? A lot of designers are putting leather chains on their bags lately like Marc Jacobs. I don't know. I was in a Chanel boutique today and didn't see anything remotely like it. good luck in the hunt.
  4. I just picked up the new Vogue and was thumbing through waiting to get a script filled (poison ivy, my summer malady), and what did my little eye spy? THAT BAG in an ad -- only it was PURPLE!!! The price was listed as $2395.
  5. Saw it in royal blue in an ad...
  6. The caption next to the purple bag definitely stated Chanel and $2395.
  7. any other colours...what about the name anyone?
  8. There was no name. The Vogue ad had several bags and something about a return to the Edwardian look. (This bag, although new, reminds me of antique purses which explains the Edwardian reference.)