Chaneloholics Im obsessed!

  1. Im looking for this gorgeous sequined bag that Miscah barton is holding and the Mary Kate Olsen vintage bag that she always carries in both the pics below.
    Can anyone please let me know where theyve spotted any of the two.
    Ive been lusting after them forever and Im dying to find them..Thanks a million in advance xxx
    olsen004.jpg mischa_barton.jpg
  2. The one MB is holding has been long gone. It's called Arizona. Your best bet is eBay or consignment store.
  3. Nice bags - good luck in your search.
  4. Is funny how is been called vintage, when this bag came out in 2001/2002, I used to own it and sold it about 3 years ago, and now I'm kicking myself..because it is beautiful:crybaby:, if I'm not wrong (ladies please help) the clutch is new..but dont know the name, perhaps if you;ll call Chanel 800 number they will be able to help you!
    Good luck in your search!
  5. :yes:
    and it's actually more of a mesh, not sequins.
  6. Thank you girls for the help...Swanky have you seen it in real life?
    As for the 'vintage' one...I really dont like eBay...could there be a possibility that its hiding in some store somewhere in one of the 50 states :smile: ?
  7. ^Highly highly unlikely. Given the return period limit of most stores, no one would be able to return it (which would be the only way--logically--that one would pop up in inventory).

    Good luck!
  8. I saw the Arizona at Houston boutique. It's sequin. The price was around 3500. It's gorgeous. I regret I didn't grab it. Here is picture of the bag I got somewhere I don't remember.

  9. The Mary-Kate Olsen bag is 02A A20392Y02880 color 94305 black. It also comes in turquoise, 02A A20392Y02880 color 54722 turquoise. You could try calling stores and have them check inventory but the bag came out in 2002.
  10. ahhh, it IS sequined. I could only remember those beads and thought it was more of a mesh bag. I didn't fondle it, just saw it in a case last year.
  11. Both are such cool bags. I love MK's!
  12. it actually does look mesh to me...with some sequins??
  13. Katie123 Omg my heart stopped when I saw your message can I have the number of the Arizona boutique?
    Is it still there??
  14. sorry is it arizona or houston?
  15. Same here....i like the vintage chanel bag that Mary Kate olsen is carrying and understand is a past season.

    Besides checkin from ebay, i guess it's not easy to find one in any of the stores. Gd luck for ur search~