Chanelle, Idolizes Vicky B

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    Posh protégé: last night Chanelle wore a copy of Victoria's plunging puple and silver dress

    Take two: Chanelle looked all Posh during a night at London's Embassy nightclub last month

    Just ten days after Victoria Beckham hit New York Fashion Week in a plunging Herve Leger bandage dress, Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes earned another Posh protégé stripe by stepping out a replica frock.

    The reality television personality forced onlookers to do a double take as she arrived at London's Benihana restaurant with the familiar dress, pout, peroxide Pob and even heavy handed bronzed face.

    The 19-year-old saved her latest copycat efforts for a special occasion - she was having dinner with her sometime boyfriend, former Big Brother housemate Ziggy Lichman and her family.

    Chanelle recently told Now magazine her Posh fascination started young: "We used to have fancy-dress parties at school and I'd always go as Posh, but it's not an obsession at all!
    "A lot of it is poking a bit of fun at myself. It's tongue in cheek. Everyone has got people they look up to and I think she's a good mum, she's got a fantastic figure and she's a great dresser. I really admire that.

    Last night was not the first time Chanelle has been seen in a Posh inspired ensemble - she copied Victoria's daring Chanel hotpants and corset combination just days after leaving the Big Brother house.

    Chanelle recently visited LA, but denies it was solely to meet her idol.

    She said: "I don't like how people think I went there to stalk her.
    "I was actually there to work. I waved to her at the football match and she waved back, but I don't think she knew who I was."

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  2. cheap v. chic
  3. She even wears her hair the same with each outfit!!! That's a bit stalkerish. No one can ever be VB!
  4. eww thats so weird
  5. Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Yuck!
  6. that is just plain scary, she needs to get her own style!
  7. she seems really weird...
  8. They both look a hot mess.
  9. cheap vs cheap IMHO.
  10. Now there is somebody that needs to be slapped!!!!! Really really hard!!!!

    Oh I'll do it, I'll do it!!!
  11. well that's a really bad fashion choice... dressing like V. Backham makes her seem chubby in comparison... I have no idea who that girl is, but she def. needs to find her own style.
  12. Why would she want to immitate VB... of all people? It seems silly! I think she's taking it too far, seems like more then just flattery!
  13. She's a little weird, IMO. No?
  14. She's just 100% error
  15. Bit of a wierdo IMHO