Chanelle, Enough Already!!!!

  1. This was from August 10

    Chanelle Pulls A Posh!


    Oh lord! Watching D*list celebs desperately trying to grab any limelight is bad enough, but watching a D*list celebrity trying to climb the ladder of fame by dressing literally like another celeb is just painful!
    I am not a fan of the Big Brother Show, and Chanelle from this years Big Brother proves why everyone on it is a joke. She has let everyone know that she considers Victoria Beckham her hero (nothing wrong with that per se) but wouldn’t she feel more proud to be liked for who she actually is?
  2. Chanelle Still Clinging On To Posh Dream

    Chanelle Hayes, from this years UK Big Brother, has now extended her desire to be ‘just like Posh’ by flying her sorry a** all the way to L.A. Wearing a short dress, similar to Victoria’s outfits, Chanelle was spotted looking like she had money with a selection of shopping bags (probably empty) along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
    What’s more worrying, is that photographers reported she was being filmed! As soon as our L.A office wake up, I’m going to find out why! I really hoped she isn’t being filmed as a fake Mrs Beckham for a show!
  3. You could look at this and think, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

    Or you could look at it and pick up a creepy Single White Female vibe.

    I'm not sure how I think just yet.

  4. :roflmfao:
  5. That is really creepy.
  6. OMG!! never heard of this.. who is Chanelle?
  7. I don't think she looks anything like Victoria! Bleh- when you have to copy someone else to be noticed because you aren't strong enough to have your own identity- it just disgusts me.
  8. Haha, I've never even heard of that woman...who is she and what is she ''famous'' for?
  9. This is embarrasing! This woman needs to get a life... her own! The sad thing is that VB is so much better looking! Not to say this girl isn't attractive, but get off it already!
  10. yes - creepy!
  11. Chanelle Hayes is a sweet young 19 year old from England who walked off Big Brother recently... she was in a relationship with a much older guy on the show (Zach Lichman, boy band member) and it went badly, so she left. She is actually pretty smart, speaks fluent Spanish and wants to move to Spain to teach, after University.

    She had the bob before Victoria, and only when Posh got the bob did people start to tell her she looked like Posh, so she started following her career.. and became a fan of Victoria's. She really likes her and wants to meet her, which is why she is in LA instead of going back into the BB house, she was invited to reenter the house after exiting.

    So hopefully our Posh wannabe will return to the UK and start her own celebrity impersonator career, or go back to university, which she plans to do. I think she has a good shot at a modeling career.

    and I wish the media would portray her differently.. she is actually very sweet and doesn't deserve all the *get off of posh and go back to the uk* attention she has been getting. She is young and her agents are doing all this publicity stuff. She went from a no one to a Huge Deal in the UK overnight.. so I hope people give her a break.
  12. thats sad. in a creepy kind of not normal sort of way.
  13. Ha, you have to hate yourself pretty bad to spend the majority of your time attempting to imitating someone else. Especially when you do a terrible job of immitating. Miss Chanelle would have to become 6 shades darker and 15 pounds thinner to even BEGIN to resemble Victoria Beckham.
  14. Very very creepy. Although flattering. But very very creepy.