Chanel_Touch? Authentic seller?

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  1. I am very interest on one of the bag which is selling by Chanel_touch on eBay.

    But on the other hand I did a search on ioffer and i found out a few bag selling with the SAME photo as her eBay auction...

    and I did another search.. I found out on a forum she mentioned her partner owned a secondhand shop...

    and I found out she is selling lots of Jumbo 2.55 vintage on eBay..

    is she an authentic seller??
  2. Please post this at the AUTHENTICATE THIS CHANEL sub-forum.
  3. Chloe I think some people have raised concern that she has a lot of the same bags. I myself emailed her and she said that her husband has second hand store in Lodon - few of us pfers have never seen such a store so have just stayed away.
  4. Well S, that's interesting to know. She told someone else that her brother has a second hand store in London.....
  5. I can't read most of the contents of the third link, but is she saying that the shop in this picture is the second hand store in London? And that she's not based in Toronto, Canada?

  6. ^^
    It looks like she's saying she has a friend who is her partner and her friend owns the second hand store "French Touch" in London. However, she's saying that she has the bags in her possession right now though and that she is in Toronto and I guess sells in North America for her friend.

  7. yes please!!!:yes::yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.