1. I am looking at a vintage chanel bag--it is black with the large double c's on the front. I haven't seen this style before, but I love it. Any ideas on where I can look at bags from previous seasons so that I can make sure that this is not a scam? i am new to this forum, so maybe this is easier than i think
  2. why don't you post this in chanel's sub-forum.
    i'm sure the girls there would be more helpful! good luck!
  3. Well, the one that comes to mind first to me is a Cambon, but it's far from vintage.
    Have a look through our Reference Library, check out the Cambon thread and see if it's what you're thinking of.
  4. theres alot of "black with two large c's on front"

    maybe be more specific?
  5. I'm a dope. . . I added words to her post! LMAO!

    I went ahead and added - in my head of course - big WHITE double C's on the front! LOL!

  6. Swanky you crack me up on a daily basis! :roflmfao:
  7. Hey man, I'm always willing to take one for the team! LOL!
  8. check ... you'll love it!

    please do not link other blogs, thanks!
  9. oh sorry, didn't know that... thanks swanky for clear this up to me