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  1. usually i like the slouchy hoboish bags but lately i find myself pining for the nice lines of chanel...but i don't know a lot about the brand and don't want to get messed up by a faux website or something... i've been looking online but i can't find a lot... can any one tell me legit sites, regular stores or post pics of ones you own? thanks for any help! :biggrin:
  2. just to add to my question... lol sorry... does chanel only sell on certain sites like LV??
  3. Chanel doesn't sell on any websites. You can go to, find a style you like, and call a boutinque near you to either have it sent or picked up.
  4. Oh ok thanks but i noticed that bluefly has some chanels and i thought bluefly was legit??
  5. Bluefly is a legit website. They carry things that might be from past seasons, but then again, Chanel is pretty classic, so it doesn't really matter in my opinion, right?
  6. Good point, so i guess i'll keep checking bluefly... even though they seem to have a very limited selection maybe i'll get lucky :nuts:
  7. Oh sorry, I forgot Bluefly carries Chanel now!
  8. hmm i like the snakeskin logo... its very cute do you think there is any chance of getting a real one on ebay? and does anyone know of a seller or have any experience with someone?