1. I went to the Chanel counter and bought some lipstick last once and loved it so much, I went for a makeover a couple of days ago.

    Jill loved their Rectifiance cream and tinted moisturizer. I bought both, including the Rectifiance serum and some eye shadow and liquid eyeliner. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the Chanel products.

    Thanks in advance. :wlae:
  2. I just started buying their lipsticks and love them. was thinking about buying their face powder-i bought a MAC powder and am not pleased with it.
  3. Everyone has raved about MAC and I went and bought a lipstick and the SA was not very helpful. I did buy some lipstick and was pleased with it, but compared to the Chanel lipstick, it pales in comparison.
  4. Yeah-this was myst first MAC purchase believe it or not and everyone has always raved about MAC. I was really surprised that I didn't like it.

    Which Chanel lipstick did you buy? I have 2 from the Aqualumiere line and 1 from the Infrarouge line
  5. You should definitely try the Chanel powder foundation. I used to only use MAC's Studiofix, but since I tried the Chanel, I like it better.
  6. which is the powder foundation? i looked at their website and see 4 different powders but not one called powder foundation
  7. I didn't see the powder foundation but Vogue was spotlighting their liquid foundation. Let me go find the lipstick, Denise.
  8. Rouge Allure 32 Crazed in lipstick . Glossimer 84 Imaginaire and the Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Definer Natural 34.

    I don't know how you ID's my first foray into their world.
  9. i love the chanel eyeliners the pencil ones i LOVE THEM!! i dont like thier eyeshadow at all!!

    but for foundation for me NOTHING beats georigo aramni.. i love it.. soo silky
  10. I use Chanel foundation and powder & hydrating gel.........I REALLY like it

    and it feels like it lasts long too.........i'm constantly using my compact and it lasts for months

    I haven't tried Chanel lipstick though :/
  11. I am in love with the nail polish, lip gloss(the wear time is incrediable) and any of their blushes(also the staying power especially on my oily skin). I know some would say a tall price to pay but when comes to beauty and quality, price really shouldn't matter.
  12. I love their lipsticks, glosses, and pencil eyeliners.
  13. I have been using chanel's skincare line for over 3 years now and absolutely love it. I started out using the age delay lotion but switched to the rectifiance lotion, not cream, about a year and a half ago. I need it because i have combo skin with an oily t zone and the rectifiance mattifies my skin and keeps it clear with the salicylic acid. I use the rectifiance with the new purete serum during the day age delay serum at night. My skin has never been so clear. I also use their dual phase eye make up remover as well as the rectifiance eye cream. As for make up, I only use chanel for foundation because chanel's does not break me out i alternate between the cream to powder foundation and their DPF. For lipstick I use chanel's aqaulumiere, dior's ultra shine l/s, YSL, and giorgio armani because of their sheer lipcolor collections. Eye make up includes the new chanel mascara, chanel brow pencil, and smashbox's cream eyeliner..
  14. OK-they are out of that powder-I am going to buy one off of the Chanel website-any suggestions?
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