1. So I love Chanel. But spending at LEAST 1500 on ONE tiny bag? i don't know. What are your feelings on this?

    I mean it's just so hard to afford one and it's tempting *GASP* to buy a fake. I never will. But the temptation is there...I have two Chanel bags (real). But I want a tote. *sigh* :s
  2. I know the feeling all too well! I've been lurking eBay for a bit now.
  3. If you have the real thing, you'll never be satisfied with a fake. You'll be happier either saving up for a Chanel tote, or buying something less expensive (there are plenty of cute totes out there for much less than you'd spend on a Chanel).
  4. Just save up...I have been saving up for the mulberry bayswater for about 6 months now, and although the waiting is awful, I know I will be so satisfied and happy when I finally get it. It's worth waiting for something you really love
  5. or starts haunting consigment store.

    I remember reading someone found a Chanel Pink Flap for a crazily low price at TJ Maxx or other stores like that?
  6. save your money, you will feel so much better toting that bag around knowing you saved for it and.......... it's REAL!! you will appreciate it more, walking into the store, picking it out, have it packaged all pretty, walking out feeling good about your decision. Trust me, you will feel good about it!!
  7. Really? :wtf:

  8. It was the Salvation Army, and she got it for $60 (I think). Some crazy person donated it!
  9. I think I am going to save up for a Chanel. My limit will be 1500. That's a decent amount of money and I think I could get a decent sized bag with it. Thanks everyone for your comments! :tup:
  10. Crazy is right! I have seen nothing but fakes at Goodwill. Maybe I should hit up the one in Seattle :p
  11. I agree 100%. Maybe you can find a less expensive bag you like just as well or maybe it could at least hold you over while you save up.
  12. I love Chanel and I would never even consider buying a fake. Basically, I buy what I like. It is expensive, yes, but at the same time, if I buy another bag that I think is okay but I don't love, I still lust after the Chanel. I'd rather get one bag that I love vs. several that I think are okay but nothing special.

    PS It is harder and harder to find a decent sized leather bag at Chanel for under $2000 now.
  13. Good choice ... Chanel is an investment piece, it's always better to save up for the real thing!
  14. speaking of consignment stores to find chanel bags-- i found a fantastic one about 12 years ago-- its a shoulder bag with gold chain strap in lambskin, dark navy blue color-- quilted and has a stiched CC right on the top flap-- the original ower bought it years ago on a trip to italy-- i got it for the unbelievable price :love: of 118.00 cnd dollars-- what a steal!!