1. I found two Chanel's at a consignment store.
    One is a black caviar jumbo flap, but it has two sides on it. It had the serial number card and the serial number sticker inside. The caviar looked a little different from mine (I have a caviar pst) so I'm not completely sure... does any have this bag? Has anyone seen this bag?

    Also, there is a little classic one. It has a maroon inside, and it says Chanel R on the inside in gold, and the hardware is gold. It also comes with a receipt saying $1875 and this is in 1995. Its lambskin. Does anyone have any specifics for figuiring out authenticity? The woman at the store seems legit and said I can go get them autenticated but if its fake id rather save the trouble. I guess....what signs are there that a bag is fake? Such as little details like zippers? Could anyone help me?
  2. I'd suggest a search in authenticate area. Members have posted great tips.
  3. yes. definitely look at the tips to authenticate thread. It stores some of the greatest tips! Even though you may not be an expert after reading them, you can definitely be able to tell the obvious fakes after reading them. The bags you mentioned sounds right but of course you cant authenticate a bag just by mere description (and plus, that is not a detailed enough description).
    I suggest looking at the thread or if possible take pictures of the bag and post in the authenticate this thread. Usually pictures of the authenticity card, hologram, back of the lock and the chanel made in stamp will be helpful.=)
    Good luck!
  4. Okay. Would the hologram's on old bags be on the same little white sticker that they are in the new ones? I couldn't find a hologram on the older bag which apparently is from 1995. however i did see a girl post a picture of the exact same bag...which is identical. I just guess I need to look for the hologram.

    I didn't see any pictures of a giant flap bag...this one was like a jumbo flap, but it had two sides on it?
    It came with the authenticity card and the number on the card started with a 4...
    and it looks fairly new. it has like two sides, meaning the bag of it still has a flap opening and the front does too. its like...whichever way you are carrrying it, it will always look like the front. What is the name of this bag? I'm going to read all the tips and go back to the store tomorrow and go through the bags. They both appear to be authentic from what I've seen...and the woman who sells them knows her stuff.
    I just think it would be so great to get two chanel bags for $2000 canadian, especially when they are both probably around the $3000 price range each cdn.
  5. And don't forget pics. :biggrin:
  6. Does anyone know the style name of a double sided bag? AHHh ill try to google a picture of it.