Chanel ?????

  1. Has anyone seen the new styles?

    Ok I know the luxury line is growing on everyone ... even the lux denim ...

    but I am talking about the darker denim line and the denim with the plane on it - to me is looks like a kid drew it?

    What is up with that ??

    Speaking of planes though - did like the air chanel b/w canvas bag ... and matching baseball hat ... so I bought them !!!
  2. OOhhh congrats! Do you have pics?
  3. this version of the denim airplane bag is kinda cute too.......not cute enough for me to spend $1700 on it but still cute :smile:

  4. It'd be cute if it was no more than $100. At $1700, it's a bit luxurious and decadent except for those in a completely different income bracket where $1700 = $100.
  5. well said wicked!
  6. I agree, it is really really cute, but to trendy to pay that amount.

  7. True, it's cute ... but I'm definitely not in that income bracket to buy this for fun!
  8. i love it
    its so cute.....congrats
  9. i saw the pochette size irl. its cute, but yeah...what wickedassin said about the tax bracket! haha!
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