Chanel XL Pearl Collar Reveal!

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  1. #1 Oct 19, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010
    I saw this and it was as if it was made for my dress. So unique. Check it out!


    As per the dealer I bought it from "This is just gorgeous and super rare!!! It is a very rare pearl necklace that is most unusual as it is made up of pearls that graduate in size from small to large as it encircles the neck. One side has small pearls and the other has larger pearls.
    In addition the pearls are of different colors making it super contemporary and chic. The colors range from milky white to champagne and are dotted around arbitrarily.
    This truly is a rare and unique piece.
    Intermittent matt gold bars give the necklace its structure.
    The closure consists of 2 hooks on a gold bar.
    One of the gold bars is imprinted with CHANEL and the dangling chains each have a CC on the end
    The necklace is quite heavy and there are 5 strands attached to the thin gold metal bars. Measuring the necklace from bar to bar the short inside strand of pearls is approx 14 inches and 23 ½ inches on the longest strand. The toal length of the bars anchoring the necklace is 3 1/8 inches."
  2. Stunning piece, and congratulations.
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Beautiful piece!
  6. Very nice! Are the pearls cultured or glass? Either way this necklace is stunning. If they're glass I find it even more curious that they range from cream to champagne. It definitely adds visual interest.

    Cool find. Thanks for sharing it with us!
  7. Why did I think Chanel only used glass pearls? (fine jewelry not included).

    Congratulations on a truly amazing piece! You mentioned how it complimented your "dress" do you mean wedding dress or a dress for another event? :smile: Either way I'd love to see pictures of the whole outfit together.
  8. gorgeous piece! congrats!
  9. Gorgeous! I love those vertical bars too.
  10. It is SUCH a beautiful piece, wow! Enjoy and wear it in good health!
  11. thats really pretty. would you do us the honor of an action pic with the dress, pretty please? xoxo
  12. stunning!
  13. Is it for a wedding dress? It's really cool and pretty!

  14. They are glass. And yes the color range is wonderful. That's what made me want it...I'm not usually a pearl person.

  15. It complements my wedding dress-- actually, my wedding dress complements the necklace! :biggrin: