Chanel wristlet...Does it exist?

  1. Ok, a while back I remember watching an episode of America's Next top Model. I normally don't watch it but I was distracted by the Chanel wristlet or bracelet this girl Yoanna was wearing. It was wide, black, with the Chanel logo in white. I think it was leather, but I'm not sure. I fell in love, but I can't find it anywhere!! I've searched the net ceaselessly. Then it occurred to me that it could be some non authentic item. I don't know, but I need it :sad: . Any help would be fantastic! Thank you so much!

    P.S. I'm a bit new to the forum, but I Love Chanel!
  2. I saw only a precious symbol wristlet once and it was not IRL, it was in this forum!
  3. I just saw one on the chanel website.
  4. there was also a round one on bluefly for a while.
    I think it sold out after it was worn on the Devil Wears Prada.
  5. So I guess I can't get one :sad:
  6. There was a Cambon wristlet? It was a pouch that came in the cambon colors with the chain. IIRC it was around $400CDN a few years back.
  7. If I am not wrong it was the one with the big "5", isn't it?!
  8. I was wrong. i was breezing through there looking for something and I thought I saw one. I went back after rereading this thread and clicked the description. It was a wallet with a strap. So sorry. It was cute, though. I think it's the last photo on the accessories page.
  9. Yeah, I haven't found anything :sad: I guess I'll have to buy Chanel nailpolish for
  10. I have the Cambon pouch, but there was no wrist strap on mine, just a very short chain. Did the Cambon make one with a strap or chain long enough to go on the wrist?
  11. i've seen wallet purses/wallet on a chain type purses in the boutiques. i'm ordering this one from bergdorf's, but the pic is from eBay. the strap is long so it can be worn messenger style, doubled up like in the pic and i'm sure i can figure out how to make it a wristlet.[​IMG]
  12. ^^

    gorgeous! and congrats! it is a very functional wallet/bag!
  13. ^^thanks, blushing baby!
  14. my precious symbols could have been used for a wristlet, I just sold it.
  15. i used to have a few chanel wristlets but sold them on eBay. one was black lambskin with patent leather corners and a camelia flower on the wristlet part and the other wristlet was a leather one with cc's embossed.