Chanel would NOT fix my bag unless i have the original receipt!!!!! HELP!!

  1. ok girls I just sent my blue fonce caviar to get it fixed in France last week.
    I know it will take a little while but thats okay!
    The part that made me mad was my mom just bought it for me from last month!!
    and i SWEAR i used it for two times.... the second time i'm like .. why is my strap so long today!
    It turned out the stitching at the end of the strap came unloosed well gone! basically
    and the strap that was supposed to be tucked in.. it moved up! you know what i mean?
    so the second and third loop of the chain wasnt even hooked on to the leather strap anymore...
    I FREAKED OUT!! and went to the Chanel store in my city here and to get it fixed good thing my mom still had the receipt...
    ANYWAYS.. since my blue fonce is not here i decided to take my hot pink med out.
    we were in the Chanel store picking up my mom's order. She noticed something and said.. "what is that??" it turned out that the stitching broke somewhere and now
    theres a thread hanging on my strap and you can TOTALLY see it! now this time..
    How am i gonna send this to get it fixed?? i bought it almost 3 years ago.. so i dont have the receipt anymore :tdown: and i'm getting really mad with CHANEL! what happened!:cursing: I paid soo much money! and i never thought this could happened to me:crybaby:
    any suggestion on how i can get my baby fixed???

    p/s i will post pic of the pink one when i get home soon...
  2. oh incase you girls are wondering " what the heck is she carrying in her flaps?" i did not carry a lot! only my wallet/car key cell phone and a key chain!!
    i swear!!! i only use the flaps on non heavy duty day =( now i'm sad..
  3. woooot! oh my god. i have been carrying my flaps and have not encountered such an event, except that there was this once my mom's chanel bag handle came off its red color and deposited on to her canvas bag, but i can't really tell though. but i could tell it was pretty sucky cause she barely even used it!

    i'm so sorry that happened to you, it must be so upsetting. i think you can try bringing it to a professional tailor or go to your regular SA and see what she can do for you. i usually keep all my receipts in the bag's interior pocket or inside the box , just in case one day i ever need it! so maybe you could start keeping receipts from now on!
  4. Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about your bag (well both bags)!! :sad: I hope the blue fonce Jumbo comes back perfectly... I'm sure it will! :smile: As for the hot pink medium classic... Chanel doesn't need the receipt to fix it, but you will likely be charged something like $150 (or less, the fee might depend on the extent of the work) to have it repaired. A pfer recently took a bag in they purchased off of eBay (authentic of course, otherwise Chanel would never touch it) and it came back after some time brand spanking new. You should just bring your flap in and they (as in the Chanel boutique, NM, etc.) can send it off for repair. :smile: Btw, we have two of the exact same bags :heart:... and I also don't carry a lot in my flaps, so like you, I'd be even more annoyed over the situation!! I hope everything works out!! :smile:
  5. I sent some Chanel sunglasses that were faulty straight back to Luxxotica in London and I had bought them in Paris and had no receipt but they replaced them for me, I don't think it should matter, the fact is that it is faulty. Gucci fixed my oxidised back with no receipt.
  6. If you bought from boutique, they should have your buying history in their computer.
  7. LV fixed my bag with no receipt! This is crap. I am sure they can recognise their own bag. If someone were to bring in a fake, they ought to be able to tell it apart from the real; so what is the issue here. I totally feel for you, babe!
  8. Chanel prices up, quality and service down. pfft.

    I feel so sorry for your situation! i hope it gets sorted out somehow :sad: we're all here for you!
  9. Yes, it does not matter if you have the physical receipt. They will have you in their system if it was bought from the boutique.
  10. Forgive me. . . I don't see anywhere in your original post that chanel refused your bag w/o a receipt?
    Why do you think this?
    Their policy is not to deny a bag that doesn't have a receipt:nogood:
    Their policy is merely they won't fix a counterfeit.
  11. Hi again!
    Sorry girls, for everyones concern over the receipt i guess i missed that part! cause i'm so bummed out.
    when i brought my blue fonce Caviar in to get fixed, SA said that i needed to bring a proof of purchase such as receipts IF i did not buy it from this particular boutique ( in my City ). We had to look everywhere for the blue fonce receipt. My hot pink was bought in Neiman Marcus in the states a long while ago. Thats why i dont have the receipt anymore. I guess i have to start keeping them now!. But i'm going to bring it in and see what they can do for me.... will keep you girls updated !
  12. I don't quite understand, either. You were at the Chanel boutique with your mom, and carrying your pink flap, and they wouldn't fix it?
  13. I am so sorry to hear that, I am very annoyed with their quality control (or the lack of) now. I mean, what about the vintage bags someone inherited from her mom?? I think you should take the bag to the store and explain to them your situation, and maybe talk to the manager.....As long as they can tell is an authentic bag they should fix it....please keep us posted with the situation. Hope all will turn well!
  14. Fannaddict - no unless i bring the original/copy receipt so i'm looking for it right now i had it somewhere!. Maybe i'll go back and speak with the Manager somehow? i dont know? if not then call Neiman see if they still had me in the system?
  15. they don't have a policy about needing a receipt, maybe you had a snotty SA?
    People are gifted bags all the time or inherit them.
    Chanel will repair authentic merchandise.