Chanel works miracle. . .

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  1. The eBay rescue of this heart chain bag went through two attempts to revive her.

    Before looking at the pics, I'll share what I learned in the process -- take your bag straight to Chanel and do not take a detour. The bag was trashed sans the chain. The color was splotchy, dirty, worn, creased -- it was heartbreaking. After waiting 2 months, she arrived home this week and the transformation was jaw-dropping. The bag should be named Lazurus.


  2. OMG~The transformation of the bag looks AWESOME.....i love this heart chain bag, really regret that i didn't bid one recently on eBay!

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. wow, That's beutiful. i love the heart chain...
    Sure doesn't look like it's been through a lot.. Congrats!
  4. The first pic is the accurate color. (Chanel's fee was $150 I wish I could personally thank whoever did such a fine restoration.)

    History: The auction ended in May; I paid $1300. From the pics one could see the bag needed help. I kept it a couple weeks before sending it to a "reputable" place in NY to be redyed. They did little to nothing. So on July 21, I left it at the boutique and the wait began.
  5. Do you have pics of what it originally looked like?
  6. I remember the bag on eBay and thought for the condition the price was too high. Your bag is gorgeous and worth the bid!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. this bag is gorgeous !!!! love the heart chain!
  8. Purly: I had saved the ebay post, hoping to show before and after. The pics were still there a couple weeks ago. I went to pull the pics and they're gone.

    The overall color was not only faded but splotchy, almost colorless in places. Lest not forget some good old dirt ground in for good measure. The bottom is not quilted stitiching but smooth as are the sides and that area was a level or two worse than the front and back. Only the chain was unmarred.
  9. It's gorgeous!
  10. love love love this bag! congrats!
  11. I remember how bad it looked on eBay, it looked like there was no much hope left. Chanel did a more than excellent job, it looks absolutely stunning! And such a heads up for those who have lambskin flaps!

    I'm glad that all worked out well in the end and I'm happy for you that you can finally enjoy this gorgeous beauty :heart:
  12. Its beautiful!
    I so happy to hear it came out so well and also appreciate learning that they can do such a nice facelift on a bag.
  13. congrats
  14. I love that bag, it's goooorgeous! So happy for you it's all okay now!
  15. I remember the ebay listing. I thought it was hopeless. Congrats on taking the risk and for perservering! It's beautiful!!!