Chanel--Woodbury--what's in stock now?

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  1. Has anyone been to the Chanel at Woodbury in the past week or two?
    What handbags are in stock?

  2. I haven't been there in a while. I am probably going within the next two weeks. I will post if they have anything good.
  3. Did anyone go to Chanel over Black Friday or recently--were there any handbags in stock? prices?
  4. I went and there were only about 8 handbags--6 were very small bags and I don't remember anything else about them. The other two were the lambskin bags where the front is covered by chains interwoven with the leather. I think they were about $1800...Stock is always very minimal there. I've never bought a thing and boy have I tried!
  5. Thanks!
  6. So funny!
  7. I have to admit--I got lucky at the outlet a few years ago--with a black classic no flap (I think that's the style according to my receipt) but I haven't seen anything the last three times I've gone....a girl can hope though!
  8. I went on Sunday and found nothing! Their stock is so hit or miss. I did see a pair of gloves I loved, but they were too small.:crybaby: I didn't see any of the wallets when I was there. They did have some scarves, a few shoes...not many, and a few purses. Nothing really got my attention except for the gloves. I didn't even see any jewelry that I liked. A very sad Chanel outlet day!

    ETA: I did see a Chanel cambon pink/black camera case purse (I think that is what the style name is called) at NM last call. It was behind the register sitting on top of the case so I didn't see the price. I know these have been sold out for a long time so I was surprised to see it there.
  9. I've never seen anything that I would consider buying there.
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