Chanel WOC


Sep 5, 2014
Hi Ladies :smile:

I'm wondering if the Classic Chanel WOC still comes in black lambskin with GHW?
It should; I haven't heard anything about them being discontinued and I saw some in Paris last month. It's a beautiful, classy item.

Is there any way you can call a Chanel boutique to verify that they still make and ship it around? :smile:

Just so you know...the style of this bag/wallet is such that the lambskin is exposed to rubbing from crossbody wear, as well as chain abrasion on the flap. Also, if you intend to put it into larger bags, the lambskin will be more susceptible to bumps and dents.

Most people I know who have or have had the Classic:
- select Caviar leather for more regular use, or use within larger bags;
- select either Lambskin or Caviar for more occasional/special, gentle use

Hope this helps.
Apr 24, 2009
I think they are still available. Maybe can check your nearest boutique or give chanel a call? :smile: