Chanel WOC vs Balenciaga city?

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  1. My mother told me that she will give a a gift, but for the budget it will either be Chanel WOC or Balenciaga city only.

    I have a m/l classic flap , mini flap and a balenciaga city.

    Just not sure which one that I should add to my collection?

    Thank you very much.
  2. Depends on what color WOC and what color/style City you're talking about :smile:
  3. Normally, I would 100% city. It's bigger, more distinctive, much better value for money, and weirdly, smells AMAZING! haha. however, it looks like you already have a city, so maybe in this case consider a WOC? That being said, I have 2 city bags and contemplating a third! And they come in so many different colors and hardware combos, so if you aren't as worried about diversifying your collection, I would still say CITY!
  4. Hello again Pinkelephant :P
    I m not sure what will available in the shop by the time I will be there, but what is on my mind is woc in sth bright . For the balenciaga , I'm looking for the city bag with g12 either gold or silver ( depends on color but will go for bright as well.)

    Just can't decide this for weeks lol.
  5. Bals can be addictive with all the beautiful colors and great leather. My favorite bal style is the Velo. WOCs are so cute... Tough choice!

    I would probably get a WOC.
  6. I don't mind getting another city cos I love the style a lot too. In fact the city I own is in g21 so it is very heavy to me so I'm looking for sth lighter like g12 which I can use more often. But like I said I'm confusing woc or city -"-
  7. I have both and love them equally, but I do carry the city more as it suits my daily needs better. So my vote is city! Also, the G12 does feel a lot different than your G21
  8. WOC!!!! I have 2 bal city, love them. But my woc is a great hands free bag. Love my WOC's.
  9. They are very different bags in terms of functionality. Do you need an everyday bag or a small bag that can fit not much more than a wallet? I would get the city, if I already have a mini flap.
  10. I would get the have a city already...and the mini is not completely a cross body (the chain is too short). I always carried big bags...and just recently thought that a small hands free cross body would be nice. I added a woc and it is a wonderful addition.
  11. I think it depends if you want something that is essentially wallet sized versus a good sized purse that can hold much more than just lipstick and keys.
  12. I used to be a fan of bal until my less than one year old mini city statrted to fade/yellow. I didnt even use it everyday. So i would vote for woc. Good luck with your decision ;)
  13. In this case, you'll know it when you see it! Either one would be a great addition to your collection. Have fun shopping!
  14. I have purchased both the Chanel WOC and a couple of the Balenciaga Cities (g12s and rh) within the last two months.

    The WOC is unique in that it is almost part of your outfit I love that it carries my essentials for a luncheon or busy function without me having to "keep up with it". On the other hand, the city is great for carrying my large Chanel sunglasses, long wallet, notepad and more. Plus, Balenciaga is wonderful in that it looks better with use and does not show wear as much.

    I think I would purchase which ever one that you feel will be harder to locate at a later date. I really enjoy both, and I feel blessed to have one of each!
  15. Just go look at everything and try them on in person! Good luck! :smile: