Chanel WOC - two passports?

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  1. Hello,

    Hope you’re all keep well!

    I had a classic black ghw WOC years ago and sold it (dumb me)! I’m now considering getting another one as I have a small Chanel card slip case and think a WOC is versatile. I’m travelling more and can slip it into my tote as a wallet and wear it as a handbag too.

    Just wondering though- can it fit two passports (dual citizen) an iPhone +, keys and a lippe? I’m fine with the card slots for my cards and the zipper compartment for the cash. :smile: Any pics with passports would be greatly appreciated!

    Can’t really go by memory. :smile:

    Thank you in advance xx
  2. Yes you can slip two passports in the back pocket of the flap for security and put the other stuff you mentioned.
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  3. Thank you so much! Truly appreciate your help! :smile:
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  4. Yes - the WOC hands down is the perfect bag (SLG) to crossbody and travel with at the airport - it’s so small it’s not counted as your personal item/luggage - the secret pocket in the flap is perfect to put your cash and once you reach your destination to put your passport (tucked away but still with you) the zipped pocket in front is perfect for cash - Its my go to bag for the airport for years - I have a beautiful red caviar in chevron - I am thinking of getting another one - Black with the new magnetic version - get it - you won’t regret it!
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  5. Thank you! Very valid point there! I had no idea re the magnetic version- researched it and you’re absolutely right! I remember having issues with my old woc’s closure. I went ahead and ordered a WOC saver and will head and get a black WOC in ghw. Thank you :smile: I forgot above the secret zippered compartment for the passport! :smile: Thanks again xx
  6. Thank you two so much again!

    I placed an order for a WOC Saver last week and got it yesterday- beckoned me to get my bums to the boutique and I got myself the WOC.
    You’re right A Yah Suh - the magnetic closure and new zippers make a difference!
    For those that aren’t familiar with the WOC saver, check it out on Etsy. Adele is lovely and got it over to me in a few days! The burgundy matches the interior of my WOC perfectly and adds structure to the WOC.

    I’m able to fit my passports (2), IPhone 8+, cards, notes and coins, lippie, keys, sunglasses without the case, and a hand sanitizer. Perfect for someone on-the-go! My fragrances are usually middle-eastern so they last forever and I don’t need to carry them but I can carry a small bottle with a bit of my fragrance oil concoction if I want to. :smile:

    I was over in Paris two weeks ago and thought I could fit the metro card in the Mona Lisa smile compartment at the back. Pretty cool, really. Perfect bag on the go at work too as a physician as its rather low-key and small.

    I’d like to state that I’m used to totes- I’m constantly reading a fiction and non-fiction book at the same time, have my iPad Pro which is my computer too, Iphone, glasses, sunnies, stethoscope, etc. I love how I’m being conscious and mindful with the woc as a bag but still have the versatility of using it as my wallet!

    I have it hanging against one of my middle-eastern gowns that I wear either as a dress or a cardigan (not wearing it there) and it falls between my waist and tummy being 6ft tall and plus size. Perfect really so I don’t have to worry about anyone getting to it.

    Thanks again for your help you two! Xx Truly grateful!

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