Chanel woc stitching problem

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  1. Hi I'm so disappointed about Chanel's quality. I bought the chevron woc and the line is not even straight... I looked 3chanel store and all the bags are not prefect. If u have this bag can u take a pic of ur back pocket and post it here. The other side of the pocket is prefect ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460076434.891371.jpg . ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460076344.951685.jpg
  2. My stitching is spot on. Is it only the pocket? Is the front of yours okay?
  3. I don't have a stitching problem.

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  4. Ya the front is fine
  5. That would really bug me. Can you return it?

  6. No... I checked at least 7bags they all have this problem.. Qq
  7. seemed like they stitched the pocket and bag separately...thats why they do not match. I am sorry. Its must be hard to not look at it now that you noticed it. If you don't love it, return and wait. The right one will come to you again even though it is hard to believe it. I always made the mistake of wanting it too soon and not waiting for the perfect bag to come along and the imperfection bugged me.

  8. Ya I wanna wait for it too.. But 3stores told me they won't get any shipment anymore, they said this season is end... But it start on15march.. Already end? Idk if they lie to me or wut
  9. I would give up on chevron pattern if so many bags are like that :nogood:
  10. I can't speak for the chevron woc as I don't have it but I did just receive a quilted lambskin woc in the mail. The stitching on my pocket does not match, either. Seems like this must be a common problem with wocs, quilted and chevron. It does sound like they are stitching the pockets separately.
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    Here is mine, I purchased it three weeks ago, I've used it about 6x, one weekend I had it on me for about 15 hrs (went to Disneyland)My back pocket seems to be aligned.. I never inspected my bag until today, I already noticed a layer of leather lifting, or the glue wore off? I'm annoyed as hell, just the thought of me having to send my three week old 1460177145927.jpg bag out for repair 😠. Seriously Chanel?! Ladies/Gents, inspect your bags..every inch. I need to start doing that myself. I hope this helps.
    1460177111760.jpg 1460177123248.jpg
  12. It might be a problem but I don't think it's normal for a Cad3000 bag.. I mean at least let me get something worth the money

  13. Thanks for the picI alway check the bag before I buy it.. The quality is so bad now.. U should send the bag back and let them fix the chain
  14. I would keep the bag. You Said the front is perfect, nobody is going to notice the alignment of the back anyway... If you love the bag don't let this issue take your joy away.
  15. I agree. They need to do better with their quality control!!