chanel WOC question, please help

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  1. Hello !

    This is my first time in the chanel forum. I usually hang out on the LV forum.
    The reason I am here is that I am looking to branche out to Chanel:graucho:
    I am looking in to buying a WOC, and I have a friend of a friend who is selling hers. But.... it is a WOC timeless CC in black patent leather. I was doing research and found little to non reference to a timeless ( not quilted) WOC in patent leather.

    I have looked on the forum, but havent found an answer yet. Please forgive me if I didn't do a well enough job at researching:smile:

    So, now to my question. Can some one please help me out. Was the WOC timeless CC ever made in patent leather? If you can't answer, then please point me into the right direction.

    Hope that it was made in patent leather, because the bag is really pretty, and I want to add it to my collection!!

    Thanks for helping me out!
  2. I don't know anything about Chanel WOC but I would get anything you buy authenticated first.
  3. this is the bag I am talking about. Isn't she pretty?

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  4. Yes, they were made in a patent leather as well. The one in the pic looks a vintage one. However, I would have it authenticated first (here or elsewhere as a paid service.)
  5. Definitely get it authenticated before purchase as it's the 'friend" or " friend of a friend" or "rich aunt" bags that are most often not authentic.
  6. Thanks for helping me out.

    Now I know it was actually made in patent leather, I am going forward with purchasing it. Before I do, I am definitely getting it authenticated.

    Planning on asking this forum for authentication. Where would I go if I wanted a paid service to look at it as well?
  7. Although I have not used the service personally, a few people on tpf have mentioned good things about Etinceler
  8. Etinceler Authentications or Authenticate4U. Both are great. I've used Etinceler myself and have only good praise for them. Don't "go forward with the purchase" until you have the bag authenticated. It's too often these types of purchases form "a friend" or "a friend of a friend" that turn out to be fakes.

    Some WOC's were made in patent leather; she didn't say that particular bag was made in patent leather. Big difference. Pay for the authentication. The authenticators here don't do private transactions; the services listed here will cost $5-7.

  9. +1