chanel woc or something else?

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which woc

  1. prada 1 BH 009

  2. Miss dior black

  3. Louis vuitton M60638

  4. YSL chain wallet

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  1. Hello!
    I was thinking of Chanel WOC caviar in gold, but they don't have it in the stores, and am now put in the their wait list. I would like to get a wallet on a chain that will fit my iphone 6 plus and car key (and can have the ability of using as a wallet, so the chain can be removable) The cons of the chanel Woc that only has 6 credits card lots but I need to have about 12 credit card lots. I went to Dior ( miss dior $2150), YSL (small chain wallet $1275-1068 or Chain wallet $1550-$1298), Louis vuitton( M60638 $1600), and Prada (1BH009), and all found something similar to woc.
    which one do you have and which one will you pick?
    Thank you!
  2. Hi!
    Do you have pics of each? I'm not familiar enough w/ each of the other bags unfortunately.
  3. I have the Chanel woc and the ysl woc. I use the Chanel one way more than the latter. But the chain is removable with the ysl and not the Chanel.
  4. Hi....I have 3 Chanel WOCS and one YSL and I love them all. The Chanel's are a tiny bit smaller, in my opinion or maybe they just have less stretch; they hold my phone, car key, a lip gloss and a slim card case. The YSL is a little roomier and the chain can be removed, which is not so with Chanel, unless you get the shorter chain version (wallet with chain) that can be removed. Hope that helps a little. :smile:
  5. Chanel heartbeat anytime
  6. I like the proportions of a Chanel and YSL WOC. I would say Chanel if you need adjustable length in strap (shorten on the inside). I have the Prada WOC and I find that the proportions make it look awkward on the hip, a little wide (long horizontally). I use the Prada one mostly as a large wallet w no chain. Hth
  7. I have Chanel WOC & Miss Dior. Dior has perfect length removable strap! Chanel's a little too long for me (I'm 5,7"), but the quality of Chanel's caviar leather is not to compare to the soft Dior clutch. But I love the Dior one. It fits also more. Not everyone knows what you are carrying :smile:
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  8. I have 3 WOCs and adore them... can't compare to YSL or Dior since I don't have any of those. I do think most bags that are in the WOC category are going to have less than 12 card slots.
  9. I can tell you Prada is smaller than Chanel

    There are many Dior designs coming out so if you don't have pics it's hard to say which one you are referring to

    Personally I don't like YSL woc. Not classic enough to me.
  10. While the Prada saffiano is super durable, I'm much more partial to the Chanel WOC. I know the Chanel doesn't have a detachable strap, which seems to be one of your requirements, but you could always tuck the strap fully inside (it would decrease the amount of space in the bag, but I think you could probably get by with still fitting your iPhone in it). I'm just not sure about the staying power of this Prada WOC, whereas you know the Chanel will always be classic and never go out of style!
  11. My vote is chanel woc. It's timeless and never goes out of style. You can put extra cards on the zipper compartment and just put the main cards you use on the six slot. Sorry but that prada woc doesn't seem too attractive to me but that's just my opinion. It's ultimately up to you. Keep us posted on what you decide . Good luck !!
  12. I think YSL ones have 20.

    I would go with either Chanel or YSL for sure. I think both are beautiful! Between them, you can consider several factors to make your decision. Your budget (YSL is obv cheaper), resale value (YSL doesn't hold value well), removable chain (Chanel chains are not removable, w/ poss exception of Golden Class?), availability, etc. Capacity-wise, YSL ones are bigger but Chanel ones stretch more so I think they end up being pretty similar.

  13. I'd go with either Chanel or Dior

    I don't feel for this Prada design

    Chanel has short chain woc that comes with removable strap. If you really need 12 slots then you can always use card case inside woc

    For Dior, I believe their wocs open up to something similar to this Prada design yet their leather is of better quality and more classic looking
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