Chanel WOC or small Deauville tote?

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  1. I am so undecided I know both bags are completely different but in same price range I want to spend right now.
    I already have a GST, an in the business tote, a large o case, a Le Marais coated canvas flap from Chanel. I wonder if the Deauville tote will be kind of seasonal and eventually out of style any input is much appreciated..
  2. It would really depend on what you'd use more. I have a WOC that I really don't use but I know there's a lot of people who use and love them. Im keeping it for now cause I want to keep 1 in my collection but I don't find a need for another. I just purchased the Deauville tote because I love denim and it such a light weight easy tote to use. It's very casual so I don't plan on using it to work. I think you can use the GST to work and the Deauville on your days off. If I coukd only have one, I'd personally get the Deauville.
  3. I agree, depends on what you really need and see yourself getting the most use out of. I love all of my WOC's because I need to be hands free and feel like my items are secure close to my body. I mainly use them for errands and with the kids. I like the Deauville tote but haven't brought myself to by one as I wonder how well it keeps it shape when items are inside, no matter the material-looks as though the corners will show wear and dirt, if I really would use it that much for fear of messing up the material and if I can see me using it for years to come. Although I like the look a lot, those are the reasons I haven't bit the bullet to buy yet. I have 6 WOC's so I obviously find I use them a lot. Hope my perspective helped somewhat.
  4. I am also a collector of WOCs. The Deauville tote will fray in the corners but it's totally personal taste. Like others have said, it totally depends on your needs and preferences.
    I use my WOCs in my large totes as a wallet that I take out and use as a cross body when I'm going into the store etc. and leave the tote in the car. I have lost count of how many I have.
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  5. Interesting perspective what holds me back is if it will still be instyle in the next couple of years compared to a woc which is classic
  6. If I could I would get both and use the woc and put in large tote my main concern is if it will look outdated in a couple of years, I tend to mostly buy classic styles since I don't have a huge budget to justify seasonal styles
  7. the deauville certainly looks more seasonal than a classic WOC
  8. @simone72 did you reach any decision? I am in the exact situation. If I go for impulse shopping I would buy the Deauville tote. If I think rational and long term- and eventually will buy it- will get the WoC!! Just that the Deauville is a head turner especially in summer. Not sure about quality.
  9. Have you seen it in black leather it's beautiful
  10. I'd get the WOC. I own two and love them and use them a lot. Good luck choosing!
  11. I'm also favoriting the woc.
  12. I would get the woc. I love wocs so I'm totally biased. It's nice to be hands free (especially with kids).
  13. I think I'm going to get a wallet on chain I really like the new navy boy one but that one is not crossbody it has a shorter chain.
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  14. I would definitely get a cross body one; please do a reveal when you get yours :smile:
  15. I own both and was cautious about the deauville but looking at some that have been around for years and after a lot of the use the condition is still excellent. I use my WOC for running errands or going out somewhere not much is required but the deauville for carrying those extra items and travelling.