Chanel WOC or mini lady dior

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  1. Recently my mom offered to get me a bag and I am stumped on which one I like better. I will see both in store soon but I would like some opinions before I go and look. I want something not too big but can fit an iPhone and a lipstick or something definitely silver hardware in black or silver leather. any other suggestions? thx -Helena

  2. Well I have a lady dior mini (and planning on adding another one) and I think even it is small, it can still hold alot so for that price I’ll take lady dior mini over chanel woc.
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  3. What exactly do you want to fit into your bag?
  4. I think mini can't fit a mobile phone? I saw it a few times、having doubt if it can fit the phone.
  5. Woc simplicity
  6. Definitely the Lady Dior. I'd take a purse over an SLG any day!

    Plus I have seen the WOC on so many people.
  7. Yes it can fit an iphone Xs just fine, and I try samsung s8 but you have to insert it diagonally but still can fit nicely.

    I usually put iphone Xs, chanel card holder, lipstick, tissue, and keys, and still have some free spaces to add sunglasses without its case.
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  8. Thanks for sharing!
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  9. It can fit an iPhone 6s Plus
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  10. Dior!!!
  11. I was just in Atlanta the other day and stopped by the Saks they had and saw this beauty, however I have an XS Max and it fit very tight in there. As another used said, a plus size phone would have to fit diagonally in it. Anyways, I definitely think you should with the Lady Dior Mini. :heart: