Chanel Woc or Celine Trio?

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  1. I'm looking for a rather small bag for everyday use to carry my essentials. Which one is more practical? Chanel Woc or Celine Trio? Thanks for your help:smile:

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  2. The trio looks like it will fit a bit more but it doesn't look as organized as the woc is, in terms of zipped storage, credit slots, sections. I don't know if the trio has that, it just looks like 3 zippered sections. I also am not a huge fan of the accordion style and I don't like the plain leather strap either. I think the Chanel one is much more elegant and has quite the organized space considering how small it is. Plus, Chanel woc comes in so many great styles and colors that I would choose Chanel over the trio any day! :smile:
  3. What consists of your essentials? Credit cards, cash, keys, phone, lip stick will fit in WOC. Sunnies won't fit. I prefer the style of WOC more but I'm biased as I prefer chanel. I don't know much about Celine.
  4. Chanel wins over Celine every time for me
  5. The woc is fabulous, sorry I don't even like the celine one.
  6. I like Celine in general. I don't have a trio but I love the woc! I worry with the three compartments that you can't stuff any one too much otherwise it'll bulge out unevenly. The chain of the woc makes it very versatile too-you can wear it several ways.
  7. It really depends on how much you need to carry. The trio will hold more, for sure, but there have also been reports of the strap breaking. I really like the look of the trio - when empty. For some reason I'm convinced that if I actually put all my things in there, the leather will bulge in a weird way or the filmsy strap will break.

    Of course, I've never owned a trio so these problems could all be imaginary haha.
  8. I think the WOC is more versatile. The WOC can be worn with jeans and a tee or with your LBD out on the town....The trio is very casual to me...
  9. Chanel WOC
  10. My mom got both and both is gorgeous bags. One complaint on the trio is that the layers tend to come off over time( the buttons that attach the bag together comes more loose with more wear) and another thing i find about the trio is that the leather quality is bot too great and color do come off overtime so i have to color polish for my mom alot of times.

    As much as i like the trio in terms of color i would highly recommend woc more

    Hope that helps :smile:
  11. I meant as much as i like the style of trio i like woc more
  12. +1 :smile:
  13. Well, since I'm not a fan of compartmentalized bags AND I'm a huge fan of the answer won't surprise you. Definitely a WOC!!! :biggrin: I even tried to like Chanel's Daily Zippy because it's a small bag with the turn lock closure and more available than a classic mini, but the dual compartments scare me because I don't like the "bulge" factor I would imagine that's hard to avoid once you put stuff in the bag.
  14. Trio looks very delicate to me. I am not sure if it will hold up if you load all three compartments full.

    I have a WOC and love it so much so I guess you can also call me biased! But it is very practical.
  15. I have a trio and been using it a lot!! I just got a woc and plan to return it, and will try to get a mini cf instead!

    Two reasons: 1 I'm only 5'4 and the chain of woc is too long when wearing it cross body. 2 Woc seems too thin compared to my figure IMO(I'm around 107-110lbs) I have a friend who's 5'7 and only 105lbs, woc fits her so well!!

    Just my two cents.. I love both Celine and chanel