Chanel woc chain causing wear and tear

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  1. Hi all! Did not find this topic in my search....but I just bought a new caviar woc (black). I tried it on and I notice it moves a lot in the cross body position. Upon watching reviews on YouTube, there are people saying the upper corners of the bag will wear fast due to the chain rubbing. Anyone who has this same bag that can provide insight, please let me know your thoughts.
    I see that people use silk twillys as a barrier, but would that take away from the simplicity of a woc?
    I am in the return window, so I need to make a decision soon!!!
  2. Hi. Congrats on the new slg!

    I am curious about this too! I am picking up my woc tomorrow and also in the return window. Hopefully, someone can share their insights. From what you see with your woc, do you think there is a risk of this happening?
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  3. I sold my WOC for the reason you mentioned but that wasn't the sole reason. Yes, the chain will cause the leather to lift up at the ends. Also, the strap length of over 24" was too long to wear crossbody. I wore it many different ways but never liked how the strap unraveled when I opened it. The snap button closure annoyed me the most. In the end, I decided that this was a very expensive slg and focused on buying minis which I love! I know other TPF members love their WOC but it didn't work out for me.
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  4. Yes. I am about 5'10" and I can wear it cross body which will be my preferred method.
    I bought it to use this summer while traveling and so I do not have to baby it. So conflicted!
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  5. There’s a thread about this I posted in a while ago. The solve is to cut pieces of a heel insert (the clear ones you can get at any Walgreens) and stick it next to the inner edge of the flap where the chain will rub. The adhesive doesn’t mess up the bag and prevents the chain from damaging the bag.
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  6. can you link the post, please?
  7. If it’s possible are you able to locate the thread about this? Thanks in advance !
  8. Thanks for the solution, @Tina_Bina!

    As other members have inquired, I believe I found the thread with your original post about this:

    Thanks again and thanks to @alissajo33 for starting this thread! Looks like we’ve got a fix to address our concerns
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  10. Just don't put heavy things in it. Due to the size, you can't put in many things anyways.
    A phone, some money and credit card, keys and maybe some tissue?
    If you use it as a clutch (hold in hand) or double the chain to wear on shoulder, that won't happen too quickly as long as you don't put a brick in it.
    If you wear it crossbody, make sure you don't rest your whole hand and arm on it. That weight would be the cause of the flip.
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  11. That would make me so nervous! I guess if that spot is going to get damaged anyway it is worth the risk though? Granted, you say the adhesive doesn't mess up the bag but still, it feels so "wrong" to sick something to the leather!
  12. I have had mine for over five years now and use it often. I will wear it cross body and also double the chain up. There is very minimal wear on the sides where the chain rubs against. This is not in caviar but my understanding is caviar would be more durable.
    BD7FC6F8-9DBF-4E59-B43F-017647D0086C.jpeg F0BB4F2C-AD34-4130-AADC-2DA966A41492.jpeg
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  13. Does anybody have pics of the heel inserts placed in the bag. I would love to do this to my bag too but I just can't picture how this would work.

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  14. I tested it with these and it didn’t leave residue on my WOC

    I left them on for over 2 months
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  15. No I was a dummy and didn’t take pics when I had my bag. I cut up the heel inserts into rectangle pieces and use them whenever I had heavy items in my bag. It preserved my WOC to look “new” and I gave it to my sis because I had too much black bags in my collection.

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