Chanel WOC caviar

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  1. I’m about to get my first and probably last Chanel! A black caviar woc which I want to be able to wear day to day for weekend amd shopping trips, evenings and for travel

    Does anyone have any experience of shw veesus ghw and how they wear? I’m completely undecided...

    I’m blonde, quite fair, wear black, greys, navy, blush, white mostly

    I wonder if shw is more fresh and understated, but there is something classic and special about gold...

    Please help!
  2. Have you seen or tried them both in person?

    It’s ultimately a matter of taste but I personally don’t like the look of the silver against the caviar leather and much prefer the gold. You can easily wear it day to night and it immediately classes up any outfit
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  3. Thanks no I haven’t yet as was hoping to buy when I visit the store, perhaps I’ll just ‘know’...I’m quite fair and often go for cool colours hence thought of silver but the gold looks great on peoples reviews. Do you happen to have any shots you’re happy to share please?
  4. I think you’ll just know when you try them both on. When I first tried Caviar WOCs, I thought the silver was quiet and blended easily. The gold looks fabulous, so I tried it too and felt there was too much gold hardware for me when worn crossbody. I held off buying until a year later when I found a different WOC altogether (lambskin Camellia with SHW), tried it on and had to have it. I am still on the lookout for Caviar though.
  5. For me it’s the SHW all the way. Wait till you see and try them and I’m sure you’ll know. I have 3 WOCs all with silver, and for me it comes down to it suiting me more. I wear a lot of white gold jewellery, and the odd splash of rose gold but no yellow gold at all. When I saw them, to me the gold looked more dressy then casual and I use my WOCs for all sorts from dressy to just running errands so I didn’t really want the gold for me. Can’t wait to see which you choose!
  6. SO exciting!
    I agree that you have to try both bags on and go with what your eye prefers.
    I have the black caviar WOC with SHW and I am very happy with it. I just got it in Oct so I can’t speak to wear, it still looks new.
  7. I prefer the gold. I feel silver hardware is more casual whereas gold works for day and evening. It really depends on your jewellery and style as well. If you wear a lot of silver jewellery then silver hardware may be better.
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