Chanel woc caviar _ ghw versus shw

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Shw versus ghw caviar woc

  1. Silver

    10 vote(s)
  2. Gold

    10 vote(s)
  1. im about to buy this beautiful bag as an everyday bag to be used daytimes and evenings
    I can’t decide between silver and gold, please help!
  2. Just deciding between gold and silver, does anyone have any experience of tarnishing/chipping and how these compare please? Thank you
  3. I think that bigger bags look better with SHW and smaller bags look better with GHW. HW is pretty much a detail. GHW or SHW on a WOC make not much of a change in an outfit. I like the look of a mix between silver and gold jewelry.
    I have a black caviar GHW WOC, and love it. My WOC works usually as a clutch. It is a great accessory for crowded places where you would not want any other bag to be exposed to scratch or dirt. But it has a limited capacity... Mine has held up well since 3 years, and I wear it with silber and gold jewelry. Definitely recommend it.
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