Chanel WOC -- Black or dark red?

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  1. Hi! I am thinking about getting a Chanel WOC. What color should i go for? Black or dark red?!
  2. Black is a classic colour that goes with almost everything but you can never go wrong with dark red :heart:
    It's all a matter of preference.
    I would personally get a dark red since I already have 3 chanels in black. And I'm sure so does every other girl walking around with a chanel!
  3. this ;)
  4. I had considered this too until I broke down and bought both the colors I wanted- a black first and then a metallic blue. Even though the metallic blue is a beautiful color and is not the classic traditional color, I still tend to wear my black one alot more (just because its easy to match with). You really can't go wrong with black!!

    However to play devil's advocate....if the red is a color you really love then you should get that first because they will always continue to make it in the classic black. :smile: Hope that helps!!
  5. Do the red. It's vibrant and it is more rare than the black.