Chanel With Jewelery

  1. I got my Chanel Jumbo Flap, black caviar w/silver hardware a few years ago. I could count the times I've used it. Most if not all of my jewelery is yellow gold with diamonds, or yellow gold with precious, or semi precious stones. Whenever I did use my Chanel handbag I wore diamond stud earrings and a sapphire diamond bracelet. It doesn't feel right for me when I wear yellow gold with a handbag that has silver hardware. What do you ladies do?

    I really appreciate your input. :smile:
  2. I know how you feel. All of my Chanel bags have silver hardware, and I only wear white gold or platinum. I don't like to mix the metals, but I have seen others do it and I think it looks just fine. Sometimes we are just too aware of this stuff, and other people do not notice it.
  3. I am kind of anal about it...I always wear platinum jewelry so I bought my jumbo with silver hardware. I recently bought a PST in beige with gold hardware and had to buy a new watch with gold and silver to match...
  4. I mix my metals. I had all yellow gold then my husband bought me a white gold engagement ring. Long story which I won't go into here, but I kept the white gold. I have some watches with yellow and white gold to help tie things together. I say carry your bag and don't worry about the metal. I don't think people notice.

    I notice you are from the same area as I am so hope you can come to the meet & greet next month. I am fairly new to this area and it will be fun to meet others who love Chanel and purses.
  5. I know exactly how you feel.

    Although I wear a lot of three colours of gold, like my Cartier Trinity stuff (pink, yellow and white) or my watch, which is stainless and yellow gold... I still feel badly put together when the chain on my bag is silver... since I think the yellow in my jewelry dominates.

    I loved the MC tote enough to get it and it has silver HW, but I won't buy another bag that is so obviously silver HW.

    Why do bags have to have so much HW anyway? It isn't necessary and complicates things.
  6. I know exactly how you feel.
  7. ITA!

    BUUUT, with that said, i rarely mix metals. my wedding set is plat so that's not going anywhere, but if my bag has gold i'll wear gold jewelry. sometimes even opting to wear a plain gold wedding band and leaving the plat set at home.

    i am way too aware for my own good!;)
  8. Hm, I prefer to not mix metals, but it does not keep me from using a bag. I like to have some variety and I wanted to have some Chanel bags with gold as well as silver. Some of them we dont have a choice such as the navy patent reissue with gold HW. So, if anything, it has pushed me to buy a few nice gold jewelry pieces to wear if I really want to match.
  9. I like to mix metals. Have a few two-tone watches, and mix white color earrings with gold bracelets, or whatever I feel like wearing...I don't try matching my jewelry to my bag, I like to combine different colors ;)
  10. I've had this problem with all my LV's:yes: before. since they have gold HW. and most of my jewelries are Platinum and White Gold. That's why i bought a set of YG w/diamonds. but before that, i do mix metals. esp. if i wear my two-tone rolex. then it wont be that off to look at;)

    But IMO, whatever you wear/use. it's jst a matter of how well you wear it. Be confident and you'll be fine:smile: after all, we use our own money to buy our own stuffs. the least we could do is Enjoy them and be happy:smile:
  11. I am very anal about mixing gold/silver hardware with my jewelry. So, I try to carry a bag that matches my jewelry.
  12. I wore only white gold/silver jewelry until I bought a bag with gold hardware. Then I started to buy gold accessories. :roflmfao:

    I couldn't step out of the house if the hardware of the bag and my jewelry didn't match. But everyone is different I guess. Depends on your preference.

    Two toned jewelry could also be a solution for you?
  13. I mix my metals all the time. My engagement ring is platinum, and I wear it everyday, regardless of whether I am wearing a yellow gold or silver watch. So I don't usually mind what the hardware on my bag is-I pay more attention to the color of the bag!