Chanel wins...

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  1. Hey everyone, i thought you'd find this amusing. Went into the city yesterday (NYC is my homebase major city) to take advantage of the warm weather and walked the eight blocks between 62nd st and 69th st (went to visit hermes and gucci) on Madison Ave... had to score some guccissima heels that were on sale at gucci, which i did, but that's for another thread...

    ANYWAY, i, being obsessive about handbags, basically "handbag-watched" my entire walk both ways, and I have to tell you that of all the lux designers these fashionistas and park ave moms/matrons were carrying, Chanel won out. Gucci came in second, LV third, and surprisingly, I saw only a couple of Hermes (that's before i went into the hermes boutique).

    And the chanel bags were one of every style... meaning not one person was carrying the same bag as another person carrying chanel. a cambon, an outdoor choco brown tote, a mini purse with a tiny handle, a bowler, flaps, and a KHAKI baby cabas, which looks fantastic outdoors!!

    it was great!
  2. I LOVE "handbag-watching" in the city! :popcorn: It's interesting to see just how timeless all Chanels can be. Thanks for sharing!
  3. :crybaby: Boy do I miss NYC!
  4. that's my hobby when I'm out and about
  5. I never see Chanel where I live :sad: and when I do it's always fake.
  6. You handbag stalker!! Oh so fun. I don't see any Chanel here (last I saw was a pink cambon on a kilted-highschooler, I'm thinking it was fake.) NO Hermes, never in my life, not here in my town. There's a sprinkling of LV around. I see Coach constantly.
  7. I see a few Chanel's. A lot of LV's. But a couple of weeks ago at the outlets I saw a lady in a long mink coat carrying a Hermes. She looked very nice.
  8. Madison Avenue is the best place for bag envy! Last time I shopped there (weeks ago, in the last warm spell) I saw a beautiful dark brown Birkin among all the great Chanel bags. Good thing you didn't wait one more day. No way I would have wanted to shop yesterday in the freezing, windy cold.
  9. i think b/c it was forecast to be freezing cold on friday, i chose to walk on thursday, hence why it was so crowded.

    but for sure, mad ave is the best place to fashion watch!!!
  10. as much as i love the handbag shops it is the jewelry in the windows that make me gasp:heart:
  11. yes, the last time i was on madison ave... all the bags were making me crazy. beautiful gorgeous authentic bags on these impeccably dressed women- you definitely don't get that everywhere!
  12. this is funny....
    i do bag watching too when i go to the mall. unfortunately i have never seen a chanel at the local mall... i see some LVs, a lot of coach.
    but today, i drove all the way to the the better mall (about 45 mins driving) to see the new balenciaga colors, and there were actually 2 other ladies besides me carrying chanel. yay!!!!!