Chanel White Satin & Azure...Anyone have them yet??

  1. Hey..

    Anyone purchase Chanel's White Satin Lt. Ed./Azure Lt. Ed. polish yet?

    I was wondering if they were similar to Ceramic Blanc....How they differ?
    From the sample pics (Chanel, Nordy's, etc.) online...they both appear to be a white shade. Hard to tell.

    I already have Ceramic Blanc which is a frosty white. I'm wondering if I should even get these 2 new ones...:shrugs:

    Btw, I wonder if these are going to be hard to get like "Blue Satin" seems to be. (Got some on the way..) YAY!:tup:

    If anyone has pics with either of these new white polishes feel free to post.
    Thx!!!!! ;)
  2. I passed on the Blue Satin and got Azur instead. I love the light blue sparkle instead of the dark blue. I already have Blanc Ceramic so I passed on the new white as well. If you google Chanel Spring 2008 make up you can see pics of the nail polish.
  3. I just changed my order from NM for the two blue satin I had ordered since they were on back order. I got one of each bottle. They are shipping them out on Monday. I will let you know when I get them. Someone on MUA posted a pic of the new Chanel colors:

  4. Wow, I love the look of the white satin. I might have to pop over to Holt's. :graucho:
  5. ^^Coldplaylover & HubbaWubba--Thx for the info. and pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GEEZ!! LOL....I'm in trouble now! :yes:

    I like the Azure & White Satin!! YIPE!! :sweatdrop:
  6. Nice....
  7. Ok, That's it!! LOL!! I just ordered Azure, White Satin, Rose Satin, and Pink Satin! :nuts: I also wanted to order Dazzling, and Magnolia Rose...but they were out.:tdown: Guess I'll keep cking on those 2.

    I like all shades of decided to get both Rose & Pink Satin....just gotta get Magnolia Rose. (note: already have Organdy). :upsidedown:

    Ok..I'm done. I gotta cool it! :yes::rolleyes:
  8. Lovely! Thnx for the pics. I'm so looking forward to Azure.. looks fantastic!
  9. Thanks for the great pic!
  10. Have Azure and the Blue Satin.... LOOOOVE BLue satin... not too crazy about the Azure!!! maybe will be nice in spring!!

  11. Azurel and White Satin Tip are soooo pretty....I think Imma have to look out for it. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I love the Blue and White Satin colours. Thanks for the pic.
  13. Got the Blue Satin. I don't think it goes with my skin tone.
  14. I have Azure and absolutely love it! Also Delice, similar to Azure but in gold. Chanel has great polishes - easy to apply and good staying power. Also, the glitter in their polishes is finely ground, which to me is much more attractive than glitter chunks. I purchases a NARS nail polish online, can't remember the name but it's pink with glitter, and it was HORRIBLE. The glitter was so chunky it looked like specks of black dirt on my nails. I tried to give it away but no one would take it, so I threw it out.
  15. I just ordered the Azur and Rose Satin. I can't wait to get them! I could've gotten them at Nordies today (they were both in stock) but I had a Neiman's Gift Card I wanted to use.