Chanel white classic flap in what size?

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  1. Good evening Chanel lovers, what size classic flap should I get in white caviar champagne gold hardware 19b fall act 1 2019. I currently was able to find the medium and am debating if it’s better getting it in the jumbo size? My SA ordered me a jumbo now I just need to choose which one!!
    Thank you
    I already have
    3 jumbos
    1 woc
    1 trendy cc small
    1 daville tote

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  2. I love this bag. This is the perfect size for a white bag, unless you're not afraid to get the Jumbo. Plus you already have 3 jumbos and this adds variety to your collection.
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  3. I LOVEEE THE JUMBO IN WHITE! Sorry im just that obsessed, but practically you would probably grab a small white handbag more, so maybe the size small or medium. But the size jumbo is just so boujee in all white
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  4. Lol this is me Boujee!!! So I guess that’s why I gravitate to the jumbo... thank you so much have a beautiful weekend and follow me at @mrsbaglady
  5. I think the jumbo is the best size for this! While I don't doubt it would be pretty in the medium size, it's really a stunning showstopper in the jumbo.
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  6. Agreed! Love the jumbo!
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  7. can I ask where you found the medium? I'm on the list for the small..but I'm thinking I might want the medium!
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  8. JUMBO all the way. I'm loving mine and the whites are my favorite jumbo's. Black is classic but white is HOT!!!

    and RARE. :smile:

    20190807_151341 (2).jpg

    20190807_144736 (3).jpg
  9. I disagree, I prefer the medium in the white! But I do agree that BOTH ARE STUNNERS! Either way, gorgeous bag:love:
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  10. Thank you love I appreciate your advice it would add versatility to my collection. Still want the jumb
    SO HAPPY!!! after all the wonderful advice here on the purse forum , I was finally able to make up my mind and I went with the JUMBO!!!!! Its GORGEOUS and it makes me smile :smile: which is a pure indication that i love it... Thank you for sharing your BEAUTY its stunning.. I hope to get a pic of mine just as pretty as yours..
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  12. Thank you :smile: I got it....
  13. I literally just called them earlier today haha. The lady said they have one but it's for special order only.. So they have to send it back..? No idea what that means. Looks like I'm getting the jumbo from my usual sa.
  14. YAY - I'm so happy for you! It makes me smile too everytime I walk by it in my closet too. It goes with everything
    too and is a no brainer. Enjoy! :smile:
  15. Hey @nashpoo . I can't believe you never got the white small yet, sorry. Why don't you call Chanel 800 number?
    They can locate in computer system what store in USA has the medium white flap for you. Or any size you want. Give it a try.