Chanel White Camellia Ring

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  1. Chanelo!

    Does anybody know where I can purchase the Chanel White Camellia Ring? I went into a Chanel Boutique and they did not have it. Maybe somewher on-line?

    Thank you so much
  2. not online, but did they check their computer for other stores?
    Call your local NM and they too can check their stock online.
  3. yup, when i went to my local boutique they first try to figure out my size, which they don't have in stock. so they had one shipped in from NYC!
  4. Swanky,

    Thank you. It was the Chanel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago and that salesman was so rude. He did not want to help me! I will check with NM here in So. Cal. where I live.
  5. ICK! Yeah, don't give him your business!
  6. Just what is it with SA's that don't wanna be bothered:rant: , geez, or for that matter, just ignorant and don't know anything? I've always had better luck with the SA in NM Palo Alto, her name's Erica, and Cari and Jennifer in Chanel SF. They're always willing to go the extra mile:love: .
  7. MY NM Chanel SA and my Chanel boutique SA are both fantastic. . . I've yet to meet a Chanel SA that has been less than fab. . . . it sucks that they're out there :sad:
  8. Yes, it really sucks that they're out there:hysteric: . One of the SA's in Chanel Boutique SF confided that they only work on commision. If that's the case, I wonder how some of these snotty SA's support their income:shrugs:
  9. Can anyone post the pic? (and price, if you know!)
  10. Thank you ladies for all the support. I almost bought another ring that I didn't even like just, to show the SNOB I could afford his "Resin" Ring. Funny we probably make more than them and they have the nerve to look at you like "Pish posh peasent" OOOOOO still fuming from him!
  11. ^ we get that too. . . we previewed a home we could easily afford the other day and the Real esate Agent kept making little comments about 'Homes in THIS price range. . . ' and sort of talking to us condescendingly. . . all I could think was "this isn't that expecisive for us, we've lived in a home this big, more than this price. . . . "
    I guess when you're relatively young and wear Banana Republic you don't look like you can afford anything other what they can afford!?
  12. ^^^My husband and I get that a lot as well. I definitely think people treat us with less respect because of our relatively young ages. I have never once been treated with any form of respect inside Saks Chanel boutique. Half the time people arent even in there to help us. I guess that is why my LV collection has grown and Chanel hasnt.
  13. ^that stinks! I get opposite service! LV SA's are less than enthusiastic and my Chanel SAs are sweet as honey! Weird huh!?
  14. I get treated like crap in stores a lot b/c of my age..... but I've noticed that if I am confident, they treat me much better than when I am timid and walk in there expecting them to be mean. I think its about how you come off as well. So I walk in like I can buy the place and they are usually nicer (not that they should be mean in the first place). I have learned to speak up when people treat me poorly - (telling customer service). They are usually happy to hear from you will bend over backward to help.
  15. This is just so not right & I hate when it happens. Funny thing is, I sell new homes and I would never judge someone whether they had money or not based on their appearance or dress. You would never know by the way they dress that most of my clients are very wealthy.
    I guess CA as a rule is pretty casual and most people don't come in wearing a suit & tie to buy a home.
    There are a lot of millionaires & lot of young money especially where I live and so most of the SA's I have dealt with are pretty good which they should be.