chanel wedges...

  1. i saw the fantastic cork wedges in black patent (also available in red satin) yesterday. unfortunately my SA was not there, and the only girl who seemed to be working was less than enthused to help me for whatever reason.

    questions: what season/collection are these shoes from? if they are resort/cruise, will they go on sale with plenty of time for me to wear them? i have never shopped a chanel sale, so i don't really know how it works.

    how do chanel wedges run/what is the retail price on them? there was no price listed, but i'm guessing $600?


  2. They are cruise 2007 and retail is $575 + tax. Chanel shoes to go on sale but you never know if the shoes you were dying for will be sold out by then.
  3. ^ They also run small. I wear a 40 in prada, got these in a 41 and they are too short!
  4. I bought a pair of these on Friday. As soon as I get them I will post. Not sure what the size was. I'm normally a 6 1/2 and with chanel I wear a 37.
  5. ^^^
    that's probaly what i'll be.

    does anyone know WHEN they would go on sale? i live in texas, so if they don't go down until april or something, i'd still get plenty of use out of them as it's warm here most months out of the year.

    i do love them, but i'm not sure i'd wear them enough to justify the regular price.
  6. I have those! I normally wear 36 1/2 and in that style I had to get 37 1/2.
  7. well you can get them on this thurs (2-22-07) on the Saks EGC event to get some $ back if you can't wait:yes:
  8. My guess is that the would go on sale in the summer just when fall shoes are introduced.

    I normally wear a 38.5 in designer shoes, these I ordered in 39.:yes: