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  1. I feel like a total dork, but I can't seem to get the Chanel website to work for me. Once I get past the homepage it is almost like it gets stuck. Any ideas? Am I messing up, or is the site having problems? I really need a Chanel fix right now.
  2. Do you have Flash installed on your computer?
  3. that happens to me sometimes...i hate it!! like the loading box pops up but it doesn't load and even if you click on something else it won't work? rawr, pisses me off! i think it's just the website though
  4. It's R E A L L Y slow for me.
    Maybe we need to just get together and hit the Chanel boutiques around here!?
  5. I wish the Chanel website had more info on the bags and at least their names. Maybe it does and I don't know how to extract this information.
    Not to be ignorant, but does anyone sell real Chanel that is new on the internet?
  6. yeah, I can't get in either.
  7. You have to have Flash installed on your computer the website works with Flash. It does not have a lot of info. On the collections you can look at each pic and click details and it will tell you a little about the handbag shown. It will give you the item number on the sunglasses. The site is OK but not that informative.
  8. Then where would be the best place to explore chanel products besides stores?
  9. Well, I will have to have Flash installed, because I can't get into it either.
    It's frusteratng, I'm glad to hear everyone else is having the same problem because I thought I was loosing my mind!
  10. I had the same problem too before - freezed.
    Now okay, but slow.. :sad:
  11. explore in picture-wise? probably here....
  12. TPF Chanel Reference Library! I like LV's website more than Chanel's b/c it displays 90% of what's in store....
  13. I wish you could buy online like on the LV website.
  14. I read a story in Wall St. Journal or NYTimes within the past year that many of the fashion houses thought that if they improved their websites it would take some of the appeal away from their brand. However, the article went onto say that they were coming around and making things more accessible. I do agree. The Chanel site is not very user-friendly, but still the photos are TDF. I will take anything at this point. LOL.