Chanel website ??

  1. Hey chanel experts--:confused1:

    Is it just me, or is the Chanel website sort of hard to sort through when it comes to details of the handbags? My husband is already asking me what I'd like for Christmas and after being on this site I am now catching Chanel fever from everyone here. Is there any way to really look at all that's available and the prices? I could go into the Chanel store at Manhasset which is pretty far away for me and see what they have-there is also a very high end consignment store in southampton that i know carries pre-owned Chanel among others. I wouldn't be adverse to a pre-owned bag as long as it is in very good condition and I like the style.
    It seems on the website they only show models holding the bags in editorial style and its tough to see the details of the bags. are there any other store websites like Saks or Neimans that carry a few styles?
    I am looking for a fairly large size tote or bag in a neutral color like taupe, beige, copper, bronze, not black though. something that is a shoulder bag, not a lot of bling, kind of subtle Chanel.
    Any thoughts?
  2. yes, their website isn't condusive to shopping or learning, just drooling! LOL!
    Your best bet is to peruse the threads here, we at least include the name, color, item # usually, etc. . . .
  3. ^^Yes, your best bet is the reference library on this forum.:yes:
  4. hey, where's that!!!
  5. go back to the main page of this Chanel Forum and scroll up to the top, there's 2 sub-Forums, Chanel Shopping and a Reference Library.