chanel watch!

  1. hey guys, whats up?
    i saw this watch in a magazine and i realy want it, do you guys know how it costs?
  2. It's outrageously expensive! I don't recall the exact price, but I think it was definitely in excess of $20,000.00! There is a cheaper one though, without the diamonds in the band. They have one with diamonds around the face, one with diamonds in the center of the face, and one with no diamonds at all. It also comes in white. But it is definitely gorgeous!
  3. I just tried it on this weekend and it's $19,800 give or take a few hundred dollars.
  4. I agree that they are gorgeous. I went into NM to try the white but black looked much better on me. The only problem with the smaller J12's, which look best on smaller wrists, is that they are battery operated not automatic. For that amount of money, they should be automatic. Out of all of them, I thought the one with the diamond bezel looked best and that was in excess of $8k.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. If you buy it this week at Saks you will get 20% off for friends & family...Here is mine with the diamond bezel...I had the diamond markers but returned it so I could get the bezel one...33mm and LOVE IT

    I felt the same way about the battery thing but ..the sticker that came on the back of the watch said the battery does not need to be changed for quite some time..I think it was like 5 or 7 years ...thats not so bad
  7. So the friends and family discount will work on Chanel? That is AMAZING!!
  8. No, Friends and Family will not work with Chanel or any designer brand. I was just at Saks on Saturday. As my SA was giving me the card, he told me nothing designer.
  9. I bought my watch in march or april AT Saks in NYC with friends & family..They gave me the 20% Off... NO HANDBAGS 20%...
    I was told at my saks here in FLORIDA the same thing ...But NYC did it...

    I just got off the phone with my NYC SA from saks and YES they will give you 20% off of the Chanel watch if you buy it from the 19th - 23rd..
    P.M. me and I will give you my SA cell phone number....
  10. Here is the black one also if you want to see it..The other is the technomarine...I got that before I got the J12...Great watch for the money..;)
  11. oh 20 gran' aint bad, i thought it wold be like 50 gran' or so.. unfortunatly i have to order it from some other country since its sold out in switzerland. how much is the watch with the diamonds in the face, its cute too
  12. ^^ i love this watch my sister has it in white as well.. gorgeous!
  13. the watch i'm talking about is unisex right? its not only for men, cuz when i saw it in a magazine, a guy was wearing it.
  14. I have heard from two different people that Neiman's will negotiate on the prices. (You also get points so that's a plus.)
  15. They come in three different sizes and I thought they were all for women but I get more men complimenting me on mine.