Chanel Watch available

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  1. Gals,

    Have you seen this watch before? It's available on overstock.


  2. ok fine. i guess no one is interested. just wanted to let you guys know about this watch on overstock. :throwup:

    is what i'm doing wrong?
  3. :biggrin:you can post that if you like:yes:
    But not everyone feels compelled to leave a comment and you had it posted only for 2 hours during people's work hours ;)
  4. sorry. I was feeling left out. :smile:
  5. Thanks for sharing :flowers:

    Do you happen to know if this is a legitimate website? I have never seen it before.
  6. i've shopped here many times. yes, they are authentic.
  7. They are gone. Thanks for sharing, sweetie. Dont feel left out. :smile:

    It's a great watch at great price.

    Congrats to the lucky lady.
  8. I remember that watch. It was out when I got mine but I chose the band that has the leather woven through it. I love the older watches. They're so feminine and classic. (Go ahead beat me up, yo all.) I'm small boned but tall and although much the outdoor lover, when I dress I want my jewelry to look feminine. The size and shape of new watches, imo, look more like a man's watch.
  9. it's a fellow TPFer who got it. :smile:
  10. Thanks cjen49!! I can't wait to get it, I will post a picture when I receive it.:tup:
  11. actually, i went back again, and they have more on stock. and 2 other styles.
  12. I received the watch and unfortunately it is being returned. They said the watch was 7 inches but it is 8 inches. The worst part is overnight the watch lost 3 hours so it doesn't keep time. I really like the style so I called Chanel but the watch has been discontinued and replaced with the leather going through the links, I don't like that.:nogood:
  13. :shame::shrugs:
    I'm sorry! I hope someone else enjoys the watch.
  14. I think I found that watch at the Chanel store in New York:yahoo: