Chanel Warrantee?

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  1. Hi!

    How does the Chanel Warrantee work? I've seen it mentioned a few times in various posts...I'm inferring that for a period of one year, Chanel will fix any problems you have with a bag.

    Does this include bags purchased through Neimans or Saks?

    How does a person submit the bag if it were purchased through Saks or Neimans?

    I couldn't believe I found a beige Expandable Flap at the old price ($2395) at Saks and it has the tiniest mark on it. I don't want to return it, I want it fixed! How can I go about doing this?

  2. it's under warranty for at least 1 year, after that there may be a fee for repair or service, but not always.
    It's the same @ NM or SAKS, Bloomies, Nords, etc . . . .
  3. I'm not sure if it depends, but it may make a difference on whether the damage is from wear and usage or a manufacturer's defect like the chain on the strap breaking...

    I've also been wondering on what the process would be like if I wanted to eventually get my classic flap redyed white. Any info?
  4. Do you have to return the bag to the same place you bought it, or could you take it to any Chanel store if you had problems? I bought mine in London but London is very far away from me so could I return it in Manchester where I live?
  5. if you bought it at a boutique, you can take it to any boutique.
  6. Well I bought it from the Chanel boutique in Selfridges department store.
  7. then you'd have to take it back to a Selfridges or pretend it was a gift if you took it to a boutique.
    My boutique tries very hard not to help too much if you bring in a dept store purchase.
    They want you to go back through who/which Company it was purchased from.
  8. Thanks for your help Swanky Mama!